Statement of Larry Bowers, Electrical Engineer turned Farmer

In the mid-1990’s I began  intense study (and practice) of the deepest aspects of many of the world’s esoteric traditions (including Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way Work).  I followed this up with deep research into the nature of this reality in an attempt to connect the dots into a worldview that reflected the truth of our collective situation on this planet.  Through these efforts I came to be committed to Truth both inward and outward in the external world.  In the mid-2000’s I came by Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s Wave series.  I was amazed to find how much of Laura’s research and conclusions had paralleled my own.  I had never run into this degree of co-linearity among the many authors/books I had read.  I proceeded to read all of her books and on-line material, and passed much of this on to others with similar interests.  In September 2007 I joined Laura’s Cassiopaea forum and have been active ever since.

In the Cassiopaea forum, Laura has created a medium for people to discuss/share/research our objective reality – like no other forum that I’m aware of.  Part of this uniqueness lies in the importance placed on networking as a tool for personal human development in which everyone can help anyone in the tradition of Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way group Work.  In my view, Laura has made the best possible example of herself in the many  posts she has made across the board – from new research results to helping many on an individual basis.  But probably her greatest achievement is demonstrating what can be accomplished in/by a networked group devoted to the Truth and helping others in nearly any capacity.  I invite the reader to judge for themselves by reading Laura’s books and/or visiting the forum.

Larry Bowers
Electrical Engineer turned Farmer in Mid-Southeast, USA


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  1. Alfred Mitchell

    I have just finished reading the book The Secret History Of The World and How to Get Out Alive, and despite I am not a scientist or a PHD intellect I think with a hammer, I question and challenge everything, never accept things without question (as I have always been aware of the BIG LIES perpetrated by religions and the Custodian gods), is why I am always reading, researching for answers as I want to commit myself to learn this Fourth Way to help save our planet from falling. By helping Her ascension, we help our own ascension. Namaste Alfred

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