Statement of Juliana Barembuem, MA

I first heard of Laura’s work in 2004. At the time, I was a complete skeptic about “channeling”, so what did I do? I googled her name. Of course, one of the first things that came up was a lot of defamation. I read quite a bit of it, and actually, THAT made me more interested than ever because I realized that somebody must be really afraid of her to spend so much time and effort writing such horrible things. The ridiculous comments that were made, with no data to back anything up, and discussions that came across as a bunch of 6 year old boys talking dirty about a nice girl in class that they would all like to have like them, made me think that those accusations had no foundation and that there must be something really interesting in what Laura was saying and doing. I still wonder what they are trying to achieve with those immature and unfounded arguments. Nobody with half a brain would take them seriously!

But let me back up a bit. I come from Argentina, but moved to France in 1999. I became a linguist and specialized in French Teaching as a Foreign Language and Phonetics. I have lived and worked in Denmark and China, and speak 5 languages. I studied professional translation and conference interpretation. Why am I explaining this? Well, it so happens that facts have also been distorted in what concerns me and my colleagues on the internet. I have travelled enough and met enough weird people that I think I can tell when a group is a cult and when it isn’t!

While teaching in China in 2005, I started seriously reading Laura’s books, and decided to volunteer to help with translations. The more I translated, the more the material interested me. With time, I decided to get more involved (note: NOBODY forced me nor asked me to do it!), joined the forum, continued the translations, and helped in whatever way I could.

When I returned to France, I came to visit Laura and her family. As soon as we met, I saw a wonderful and strong woman, more normal and more hard-working than I had imagined, a mother, a house-wife, a very down-to-earth person who happened to have an extraordinary mind and heart. In the 5 years that I’ve known her and worked closely with her, I have NEVER seen any behavior on her part that one could call “guru-like”, contrary to what her defamers claim. If there is someone that would dislike being treated like a guru, that is Laura! And the same applies to Ark. They both have an incredible amount of knowledge, and yet, they never take what they know for granted. They are always looking for answers, always willing to revise their hypotheses when more data is gathered. Always networking for answers. They work relentlessly, they share all their research with others and never ask for anything in return. The horrible depictions that are written about them on the internet by their defamers are so completely wrong and disgusting there are almost no words to describe the depth and extent of the lies.

Since the beginning, I very much resonated with a group of people trying to help others for no other reason than it is the right thing to do.  I resonate with the hard-work ethic, the community service activities, and most of all, the research: seeking answers to life’s most difficult questions. Because I had no other ties or claims on my time, I was fortunate to be able to join the “Chateau crew” (which by the way, is just a really big old farm house that is pretty much falling apart) and thereby began to fulfill my own goals of being able to help others in significant ways, to utilize all my abilities and talents and training. A few years ago I had the possibility of working as an interpreter and receiving training in the aim of working for the UN. I never hesitated for a moment in refusing the offer. The work I do here is better than what I’ve always dreamed. It is work with the Aim of contributing in a positive way to humanity.

I have never been coerced or forced or manipulated to do anything I didn’t want to do. All the information about our activities and research is available online. The defamers seem particularly intent on propagating the absurd idea that there are hidden secrets or nefarious agendas but all I can say to that is: keep looking! You won’t find anything!  I have lived with Laura and her family 24/7 for five years now, I know every detail of her business and finances because I am the translations coordinator (among many other things), I am co-owner of a publishing company that she helped create, and I handle her personal business, including translating discussions between her and her accountant and attorney here.  There is simply no truth whatsoever to the crazy lies that get told by Vincent Bridges and his gang of cyberstalkers.

I am part of a great team of researchers, and very happy to be so. I also helped in developing the Éiriú Eolas program and we have been doing a lot of community service work and contributing to people’s well-being in ever larger venues. Even our students laugh when they hear anyone come up with the “Breathing and Meditation: Is that a cult?” line. They laugh because they know that there is nothing in what we do that is cultish. No obligations, no financial demands, no NOTHING of what defines a cult.  Ever.  Under any circumstances. They just know that the program works amazingly well, and are learning like all of us in our team to make their own choices in life, to cleanse physically, emotionally and mentally so that they can improve their quality of life. We constantly make it clear that they have the power, if they will only do the work necessary to acquire the knowledge. In fact, we refuse to work with anyone looking for a guru. We aren’t in the guru business: That is opposite to what we do, and we stick to that.

So, unless the definition of a cult changed very recently (and being a linguist, you can guess I consult dictionaries all the time), I’m still waiting for one single proof that Laura’s work is anything remotely similar to one.

I will continue to work with her and the team as long as I can, because in all the places I have traveled, in all the jobs I’ve had, and among all the acquaintances I’ve made in my life, her work and her team are the only actually sane things that I’ve ever encountered. And because the knowledge that Laura and Ark have shared throughout the years has literally changed my life; their work has allowed me to understand life better, to make my own choices, to refuse to fall for lies. It is said that the best teacher is the one who wants his students to be better than him and encourages them to be all they can be. Laura and Ark are that kind of teachers.

It is the results that count: How many people has Laura helped (for free, by the way)? I can count thousands. How many people have the defamers helped? Hmm… By their fruits you shall know them.  It really is that simple.

Juliana Barembuem, MA. French as a Foreign Language, Specialisation: Phonetics. Translator and  Interpreter.


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