Statement of JoAnn Siglin, Cassiopaea Forum Member

I stumbled upon Laura Knight-Jadczyk work in the August of 2000. I had only had my first computer since that May. I am a hairdresser and I really didn’t think I had much use for a computer. Most people I knew only used a computer for shopping, games, and e-mail. I had no interest until I realized how much information I could access. I had been an avid reader of metaphysical, history, philosophy books and more. I was searching for knowledge. I wanted to know and make sense out of the world.

So, armed with my new computer I literally did a search on “The Truth”. I was very disappointed in the results (lol). I joined a David Icke discussion group and anytime someone suggested a link, I followed it. One day someone suggested, I clicked on a random chapter of The Wave and read it. I thought hmmm, that is very interesting! It was going against some of what I THOUGHT I knew  from reading other books, but it made more sense then anything I ever came across. I read another random chapter, then I knew I needed to start at the beginning. I had found what I was looking for. I soon joined the Cassiopaea discussion group.

Laura’s work is so prolific, well researched and fascinating. I feel I have received a better education then I could ever have received going to a University. I figure she has saved us all from having to read over 10,000 books that she had to, to connect all the dots.

Being a member of the Cassiopaea/QFS discussion groups for 10 years now, I have seen all the flamers, defamers, attacks on Laura and Ark. It is always disheartening and hurtful.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to visit Laura, Ark, family, extended family, along with other members on five occasions. It is always a pleasure to be with down-to-earth, intelligent, funny, generous, and caring people. So, when people claim it is a  ‘cult’ or Laura and Ark are living a ‘lavish lifestyle’, other claims that Laura is a ‘psychopath’, it never ceases to make my jaw drop. Yeah right! I guess one of the books Laura didn’t read was ‘How to Run Your Own Cult’, because she is doing everything wrong – encouraging people to do their own research, make their own decisions, no financial demands, no demands of devotion. ‘Lavish lifestyle’, anyone who has ever visited would have to laugh at that. The chateau is a rented, big “old” house (old being the key word here) which is in need of a lot of work, of which the landlord is very neglectful. ‘Psychopath’, well that is absurd as well. The last thing a good self-serving psychopath would ever do is encourage everyone to learn as much as possible about psychopaths and how to be free of their manipulations.

Sure, people make donations because they value what they have been given FREELY and want to give back, and there is the sale of books that Laura, the author, is entitled to do, but they are all just getting by at the chateau. I don’t know where the defamers live, but it takes money to have a roof over your head,  food, necessities.  How many people can just work for free? Laura and Ark are constantly working. I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow they even work in their sleep. If someone finds their work not to be for them, why not just move along? Should make someone wonder – why so much protest from the defamers?

Sometimes something comes along that brings profound change to your life. That something for me was The Cassiopaean Experiment. I have no idea why I was so fortunate, but I am so grateful to Laura and Ark for being who they are, and doing what they do. I am also very grateful for their family, extended family, and friends I have met along the way.


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  1. Beverly J. Siglin

    What a beautifully expressed and well written testimonial, JoAnn.

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