Statement of Irini Gregoriou, MA Art Therapy

All my life I wanted to know who we are, why we are here, what’s the purpose of it all. I could see the suffering in the world, and I wanted to find a way to help ameliorate it, even if just a bit. This is why I studied Psychology for my BA, and went to the more applied creative field of Art Therapy for my Masters. On the side, I kept reading books on philosophy, non-textbook psychology and world religions, and became acquainted with online forums where discussions on these subjects were taking place. It was through one of these forums that I came across Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s online work, The Wave, in the summer of 2005. By January 2006, I had read most of what was available on the Cassiopaea pages and I knew that I had found what I was always looking for: somebody else who was asking the same questions as I, and who has spent her life doing research in finding the answers. I hesitantly joined the QFS, their research group, where I met many others on the same search for Truth and Knowledge, not only about our external world, but also about our inner world.

As soon as I became a member of the QFS, I saw Colleen Johnston’s libellous post about Laura and her so called “cult” of followers in one of the online forums where I used to be a member. I read through it and I searched to learn more about this person who was supposedly trying to warn the naïve against Laura’s work. Who was this woman? I still don’t know, there’s not much about her anywhere, nor did I ever come across any of her work, other than her post against Laura. Anyone with two neurons firing can make up their mind on their own. Just compare the published works of the two individuals.

Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s tons of research materials on the web, to this moment 12 books she wrote, editor of Lobaczewski’s ground-breaking Political Ponerology and the Dot Connector Magazine, founder of the publishing company Red Pill Press, creator of the SOTT news site with editors from all over the world, administrator of the Cassiopaea forum, the inspiration and creator of the stress reduction, healing and rejuvenation program, Éiriú Eolas. And I am sure my list is still short.  That’s just what is visible.

As for myself, my life has changed for the better since the day I came across her work. I learned more about psychology, pathology, history and my own self working alongside Laura, Ark, and the rest of the forum members, QFS members, and SOTT editors than I ever learned in all my years of schooling. And from Laura, I learned it for free. I am still paying for my school loans.

I learned to question everything, and think for myself; how to be assertive in my personal life, but also considerate to my fellow humans. When before I found the work of this group,  my life was full of depression and desperation; now, I found my lost hope, childhood curiosity and creativity again. No, the world has not changed, but I did, and I found my place and my mission in it. What can be more valuable in a person’s life than this?

Since 2006, I spent some time on two occasions with Laura, Ark their extended family, and other guests at their home in France. Did I find a brainwashing, full-of-herself, arrogant Guru with sheeple to follow her around? No, that was not my experience at all. Laura in fact cooked for me a number of times while I was there. And it did happen once that I decided to do my laundry on the day that Laura usually does her laundry (yep, she still does her own laundry!). So I put my clothes in the laundry machine, and went into the kitchen, where I got into a very interesting discussion with Laura’s daughters (and as is always the case when you are surrounded by intelligent, understanding and witty people, time flies by very quickly). And by the time I went to get my laundry, I realized that Laura has finished it for me! There you go! So much for the Guru title, right?  That’s just one of countless examples of how down to earth, totally human and simple Laura acts in her daily life. Same thing for Ark, and their entire family at the Chateau. They are all working on so many projects, while fixing a house that’s in constant need of repairs, and yet making time for everyone who needs them.

January of 2010 was when I visited to get trained for my certification in teaching the Éiriú Eolas program. The education did not stop there however, as we constantly research and study about health and psychology always with the intention of sharing all with those who ask. The information that we keep on gathering has helped my health tremendously, but most importantly, has helped so many people that I have taught the program to, my family and acquaintances.

With all that she’s accomplished in her life, all her intelligence, all the support she now has from all the people she helped in the years, she remains the same approachable Laura she always was. During times of personal crisis, she always found the time to read my long e-mails to her, and reply with insight and understanding. But she is like that: full of love for everyone.

And frankly, it didn’t make sense to me that there are people out there who will spend so much time and effort to defame somebody else and destroy their work, just like that. I mean, really, there are so many loonies out there making theories everyday and channeling whoever and whatever and charging lots of money for an hour of their time.  So many real Gurus who make money off the good faith of poor people. Why is no one after them? Now I know. It’s because Laura, Ark and their work is very close to the Truth and does indeed describe objective reality more closely than anything else out there. And this work awakens people to what really happens. This must be very scary for those who would like us to remain blind, deaf and mute.



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