Statement of Beau Christensen

Since the late 90’s I have been searching for answers about the many things I saw wrong with the world.  During my searches I found many sources claiming to have the answers but I never felt satisfied.  That was until I came across Laura and Ark’s website and their collective bodies of work, by which I was impressed immediately.  The ideas expounded by the Cassiopaea website have resonated in me as being true to how our world is.  That is what I was searching for.

Little did I know that, through her website and eventual her group, I would come to know Laura personally and her work would have such a great effect on my life today.  I have become a much more balanced individual emotionally and, working with her group, I have been able to open up so many emotions that were previously dormant or damaged.  The process of maturation achieved through the experiences of being in her group is something that I will always cherish.  It was through her breathing and meditation program that I was able to come out of my shell and conquer many fears.  This has brought enormous stress relief.

Not only have I found resonance in her work, but I have also found that she and her family are some of the most down to earth and modest individuals I have met in person.  She’s a hard worker and a homebody who loves cooking for her family and tending to her garden when the time permits.  Her children, who meet and greet many visitors at their residence, are warm and accommodating, a credit to her as a mother.  There’s a certain kind of hospitality that only those from the Deep South exhibit (in my experience), and it is my opinion that Laura’s household is a prime example of this.

I know that I would not be where I am at today without her guidance, her care and ability to relate to others, and her willingness to help without any desire for return.  My gratitude cannot be measured.  It was through Laura and her vast network of friends and family that I was able to become part of starting a small business. She saw abilities in me that I didn’t realize, and recommended me. This was an opportunity that I otherwise would never have gotten.  With the resounding success of that business, I and my business partners have been able to donate to Laura and the work she does which often includes her turning around and providing financial help to others to get them on their feet like she did me.  The ability to provide support to a work that I feel is vital to the world is especially gratifying.  If more people like her existed in this world, it would be a place where many more people were helped to fulfill their potential and were able to pass that help along to still others.

Sadly, there are people who do not want to see such a thing as a world where people help and support each other.  It fills me with great sadness to read the defamatory material that is posted on the Internet about Mrs. Jadczyk.  I have seen and experienced what a kind person she is and how giving she is to those who are in need.  To see what others are saying, it is such a stark contrast from the person who I’ve come to know over the years, someone who has been the exact opposite of some kind of cult guru with a diva-like disposition.  It would be comical if it didn’t cause so much pain and anguish.

All I can say now is that I stand behind Laura against her attackers.  Her special efforts to shed light on what’s going on in the world are invaluable and I am a first-hand witness to the goodness she brings to the lives of others.


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