Statement from Member of Cassiopaean Online Discussion Group

To “Frank Scott” (a pseudonym for group member who left and aligned himself with Vincent Bridges in his copyright piracy, libel, slander, defamation, and more.  See also: Statement by Terry and Jan Rodemerk and Statement by V.G. – Long Time Participant in Cassiopaean Experiment)

April 22, 2002

Mr. Scott:

I have willingly and consciously entrusted Laura Knight-Jadczyk with information of a personal and private nature. I have extended no such trust to you, nor have I, in any manner implied such trust.

You have illegally and fraudulently extended permission to publish the Cassiopaean transcripts, which were solely and exclusively generated by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. Mrs. Knight-Jadczyk is the unquestionable sole and exclusive owner of these transcripts. You are aware of the fact that my name appears on the aforementioned Cassiopaean transcripts. You did not generate these transcripts and you do not have the legal right to possess, dispose of, nor extend any form of consents or permissions related to the use or publication of these transcripts where my name is mentioned.

By illegally extending permission for the publication of the Cassiopaean transcripts which contain my name, you have placed me and my family at risk of harm. Your illegal act, has violated my right to privacy and confidentiality, placing me and my family, in a position of vulnerability to stalking, harassment and inappropriate attention.

I am fully prepared to take any and all legal steps necessary to protect and ensure my right and that of my family to privacy, confidentiality and safety. I am providing you, by means of this letter, one opportunity, to publish a clear and concise retraction on any and all sites and locations where you have illegally granted permission for use and publication of the Cassiopaean transcripts which contain my name. Your retraction must clearly state that you have no legal right of ownership or authorship. This opportunity requires that you contact any and all individuals that you may have extended illegal permission to, in verbal or written form, for the utilization of the Cassiopaean transcripts which contain my name. I require that you clearly and concisely communicate to any and all individuals, that you had no legal right to extend such permission as you are not the author nor the owner of the transcripts. Otherwise, you will be held liable.

The provision of the opportunity I offer, begins with the date of this letter, the 22nd of April of 2002 at midnight and will be available for a period not to exceed seven days.

I strongly suggest that you give serious consideration to the content of this letter and to your course of action. Your illegal violation of my privacy makes you liable for damages.

Sara F******


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