Statement from Gena, Cassiopaea Forum Member

My experience with Laura and the Cassiopaea Forum  has been nothing but positive. I came across the forum a little less than two years ago at a time in my life when I felt there was little hope for this world much less my own ability to assist in any way.

They have willingly and unselfishly given so much in terms of time and energy to helping those in need and I will forever be grateful and hope in some small way that I can repay them for my own development by helping others.

I think the specific term cult is an accusation meant to incite feelings of fear and hatred among all those who hear it. In addition to that, it is completely untrue.

I have never been someone who was interested in joining groups or in being a follower. I’m still not. What I have found in this community is understanding, patience and honesty – not only in terms of how I am treated, but how I treat myself. What a priceless gift!

The truth of the matter is that Laura is genuinely “good people”. In fact, that’s what I like about her the most – her openness, even when it hurts to be open, speaks to me. That she has been hurt and continues to be and yet consistently faces it with such grace is an amazing example to all who wonder how to walk that line.

I have learned to view myself and others with compassion I never thought myself capable of. I have gained the knowledge that I am an individual worthy of receiving compassion. I have found out that I can be of help to others in a truly meaningful way.

Many of the issues I had with anxiety were helped immensely via dietary information on the forum and the Eiriu Eolas meditation when nothing known to the mainstream public would. How many people can say that they’ve had the privilege of becoming healthier without the use of pharmaceuticals? How many would jump at that chance?

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have met some of the people in this open community. I also feel that if those crying cult would just look a bit deeper at themselves and open their hearts and minds in their own search for acceptance (as opposed to seeking out information confirming their worst fears), they would find that it is closer that they think.

Perhaps someday they will.


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