Statement by Timothy C. Trepanier, BSc. Pharm

I have known Laura and Ark personally for almost 10 years.  I have been witness to numerous attacks against them on the web and in online forums, and I can say unequivocally that all of them are without merit or basis in fact.  The most popular and damaging of these accusations comes from the use of the word “cult”, as if by associating Laura and Ark with this word, their detractors can somehow devalue all their years of hard work and validate their own baseless accusations of fraud.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Having been a spiritual seeker for most of my adult life, I have had more than enough experience with real “cults”, based on the actual definition of the word, to be able to tell the difference.  For example, in the early 1990’s, I spent several months paying to work on an ashram in India, where the Guru in charge claimed to be a God descended to earth, and spent each morning having his disciples bring him flowers and bow to touch his feet.  It did not take me long to see this charade for what it was, and I left with such a bad experience that I vowed never to be taken in by that sort of spiritual scam again.

When I first came upon Laura’s writings in 2001, I was struck by her absolutely non-cultish way of researching information about topics that are normally considered fringe or esoteric.  It was her way of gathering all available information before making judgments, her insistence on getting facts and being open to new data, and her tenacious stand that everyone, including herself and the Cassiopaean material, is fallible, that appealed to the scientist in me.   Here was someone who was asking serious questions about the nature of our reality, from the real history of the human race, to UFO’s, paranormal and other strange phenomenon, and using the scientific method to boot.

I was invited to visit Laura and Ark at their Chateau in France shortly afterward and was astounded by how real and down to earth they were.  If anything, Laura is the very definition of anti-cultish and would probably laugh harder than anyone if someone were to try and deify her in any way.  She is a real person who works hard and cares about the truth in all aspects of life.  Having visited them in France several times over the years, worked closely with them as a researcher myself, my overwhelmingly positive opinion of them has only strengthened and I not only consider them good friends but feel as if they are part of my family.

I can’t urge strongly enough that anyone who doubts the sincerity and honesty of these fine, upstanding people read for themselves everything that Laura has produced that relates to these accusations of “cult” and “fraud”.  The real story is available to all for free on the internet.  Their lives are an open book and the truth is there for anyone who takes the time to read.  In my opinion, Laura and Ark are involved in doing some of the most important research in the world today, and I will continue to support and encourage them in all their endeavours.


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