Statement By Terry and Jan Rodemerk

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Note: (“Frank Scott” is a pseudonym used by request of “Frank Scott.” For details of the dynamics of the early Cassiopaean Group, the reader may wish to read Thomas French’s article, published in the St. Petersburg Times, February, 2000.)

Statement By Terry and Jan Rodemerk

Having been directly involved in the Cassiopaean Experiment for several years with Frank Scott and Laura we feel that we can make the following statements in very good faith.

1 – Frank Scott has no right to claim majority involvement in the C’s material. He has no right to give anyone permission to use the material.

2 – Frank Scott did no work in transcribing transcripts, putting info into readable form, researching background on info or developing questions for the sessions based on either new topics or info from previous sessions. Frank Scott seldom asked any questions or on occasion asked only a very few questions.

3 – Frank Scott showed up when he felt like it. Usually after 10:30pm for any given session, sometimes not showing up at all. Being late and not showing up reflected his feeling of being the sole channel and that nothing could be done without him. We waited for him not because we needed him, but because we considered him a friend and part of the group. His lateness resulted in sessions lasting till the early hours of the morning, like 4am.

4 – Frank Scott is not the channel for the C’s. Just because he thinks he is does not make it so. Many tests were made that confirm this statement.

5 – Frank Scott and Laura did not make contact with the C’s; the C’s made the contact because of Laura’s life long quest for the truth about the human condition. Laura came up with the questions that the C’s responded to.

6 – The C’s made the contact. They are the sender. The group at each session are the receiver. The knowledge passed from 6th to 3rd Density is the true channel. For Frank Scott to say that he is the channel is the same as saying that Frank Scott is the author of all radio and TV programming because he has a radio and TV on which to receive them.

7 – The C’s stated that they transmit through the Cass ‘A’ supernova RF signals that radiate through space towards the Earth. Does Frank Scott have the ability to do this?

8 – Laura has worked very hard on the material ever since the C’s made contact. Laura organized and implemented the recording of the material. She owns the tapes. She pushed the stop and start button. Laura asked most of the questions. I (Terry) asked many questions. All answers are are recorded in Laura’s voice. Frank Scott has done nothing. He showed very little interest in any part of it other than an interest in manipulating the entire group in various ways.

9 – Frank Scott accuses Laura of attempting to make money off the material. We are witnesses to the fact that Frank Scott was asked by Laura many times if Frank Scott had any ideas on how to get the material out to the public.

10 – Frank Scott only showed interest in the material if there was a way to make money off it. We are witnesses to the fact that Frank Scott, on numerous occasions, indicated his only interest in the material was monetary: he said that Laura should charge big money for people to read the material and that then she could pay him to show up and “channel.”

11 – Frank Scott claims that Laura is building a cult around the material. That’s a very strong statement. Can he back that up? We think not. It is libelous and defamatory.

12 – When Ark entered the picture, Frank Scott became more moody and sullen. Frank Scott tried very hard to prevent Laura from becoming involved with Ark. After Ark arrived in the US, Frank Scott basically disappeared from the picture. He showed up less and less often and didn’t stay as long as he did before Ark arrived.

13 – As we see it, Frank Scott’s issue with Laura is not about the material at all. It’s about how badly Frank Scott can hurt Laura for having met Ark.

14 – Jan and Terry Rodemerk stand with Laura and Ark. Laura and Ark are two very good people trying hard to get the C’s material out to the world. The material was sent by the C’s to Laura. Since the C’s created the material, then they should hold the copyrights. Since that is not really practical and the C’s aren’t all that interested in 3rd Density legal issues, we affirm that Laura is the sole holder of the copyrights to this work as she has done all the work on this project. Frank Scott contributed nothing more than sitting at the table just like everyone else at the sessions. Beyond that he contributed nothing at all.

15 – We are happy to call Laura and Ark our friends and are glad to have been a part of something special with them. Up until all this noise started, we considered Frank Scott our friend also. Now all we can say is how badly Frank Scott has disappointed us.

Terry and Jan Rodemerk


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