Robert Dukes: An exercise in scrubbing the web

In the original post about Robert Dukes we quoted this passage from the David Icke Forum:

I started a board to talk about how to seduce a woman. It has already one topic and one member. Me.


Just register and enjoy talking about woman and I also will release the best seducing storys! :-)

Why aren’t we suprised that this particular thread was removed shortly after we posted the original article about Robert Dukes? Luckily, there are web archives and screenshots (click to view larger version):

NEXT we can see that he removed the board about “Seducing woman”. Luckily there stil exist screenshots. Here you can see the admin page:

NEXT he removed also his youtube comments (that are quoted in the other post) from this video:

NEXT he removed his thread in the German Flower Of Life forum. Here is the web archive link and here’s the screenshot for archiving purposes:

That means that also his rather problematical quote …

Q: How does Hitler feel at the moment?

A: His vibrational energy is being suspended in a high octave in 4D. The Lords of the Time don’t let him go further.

Q: I will give him some of my psychic power.

A: Beings like Adolf Hitler need souls like you.

… is gone. We want to remind Robert Dukes that he posted his own, complete channeling tirade (“The Triades are speaking through me”) in another German esoteric forum, so that he can scrub it. In case he does, here is the relevant screenshot from page 21 of the thread (click to see full size), and the complete text is archived too.

THEN he removed one of his facebook pages.

THEN he removed his portrait from this tumblr page. Here is the web archive link of this site.

Removing over 7 pages, threads and comments right after our little exposé? It really indicates that someone has something to hide!


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