More pathological rants from “Jean”

After my publication of Jean’s confession (which quite graphically shows his appalling inner landscape), I still have to face his desperate attempts to intimidate me and my friends (Laura, her family) and to destroy my confidence and freedom of choice, choice which was to start a new life away from him. It is indeed an intense learning experience, one which I hope will help readers to deepen their knowledge about the inherently pathological nature of some people, and how it can affect each and every one of us.

I’ve copied below his last email, which I’ll be addressing step by step. As usual, I’m sharing this data anonymously, removing any personal reference, etc., because my point is not to make his life more difficult, but to give readers an opportunity to decipher ‘psychopathological’ language and mode of functioning. These data, taken from real life, offer a great learning opportunity. It’s also a good exercise for me, as having to look at his sick rants with the critical distance needed for objective assessment – to look at it clinically and publish my comments for others to read – somewhat relieves the anxiousness and apprehension of having to read his threats and attempts at intimidation on my own, without anyone to bear witness to his twisted thinking.

Now, if it is for me to think how to proceed.

Here there is enough to start several counts of accusation: [against LKJ and her family]

–Public defamation [referring to the publication of my testimonial and his confession]

It is not public defamation, since only pseudonyms were used – despite the obvious fact that more than one person near Jean might benefit from learning about the indecent, predatory and dehumanized behavior he has shown. It is also true, written in his own words – which he does not deny – and given to me at the time, with the mention:

BTW, while formatting my computer, I forgot to save the 20 pages ‘filth’ I sent you. So you’re the only one to own the SOLE document. I think it’s not useless for you to be aware of that. For you to judge!

Apparently, he forgot that he had saved a draft version of that ‘document’, written in an email draft, with all the identifiers intact.

–Abuse of Power

The Sott/Cass owners have been persecuted by the police based on his lies, and for more than a year, I’ve been living in constant fear and stress SIMPLY because he wasn’t capable of accepting that, one day, I took the decision to start a life without him, after years of what can minimally be described as psychological abuse by a pathological mind devoid of any real consideration for my well-being and the well-being of others. Talk about abuse of power.

Maybe the only ‘abuse of power’ is that which makes someone think that others are property rather than human beings free to decide if they want to continue a life with someone. Is that so difficult to understand? Is it so difficult for him to start his own life without further undermining the confidence and freedom of the person he professed to ‘love’?

–Opposing the right of reply


The right of reply has always been open to Jean – as it is to anyone who signs up on this blog or on and decides to leave a comment. In fact, it would be interesting to see what he comes up with. It’s easy to harass, lie to and manipulate a lonely prey, but far less easy to do so in a place with many witnesses who can – and will – point out the insanity of his ‘reasoning’.

–Intimidation by force

Yeah right… I can quote many examples of ‘intimidation by force’ by this man. For instance, this particular bit of BS which he sent me (before I published my testimonial) after an ‘argument’ over the diet of the children – Jean blames me for imposing ‘restrictions’ on them. For him, restriction means questioning foods that are harmful for health, like cow milk and sugar. (BTW, when Jean was still living with us, he agreed that cow milk was bad for health… yeah, you’ve gotta love those changes of mask).

Anyway, in this extract, Jean threatens to reveal the ‘truth’ about me to my friends and family IF I refuse to talk to him (meaning: if I refuse to shut up, listen to and agree with his nonsensical word salad, which BTW displays an utter ignorance regarding health and diet – but we’ll come to that later, stay tuned):

If you accept to discuss, to not elude issues, then we can advance. If you don’t, I’ll be obliged to expose the truth, the so misused truth, to everyone who believed they supported you for good reasons, whereas all you did was lying to everyone, to yourself, to the children, to me.

The last sentence is particularly telling, in terms of intimidation, distortion and projection. Keep in mind that the above nonsense and accusations of ‘lying’ are coming from a man who plotted behind my back with his good friend in order to ‘get me’, who hacked into my mailbox, who stole all the data from my hard drive, who phoned my mother and one of my friends behind my back, who went to the police to report I was in a ‘cult’, etc. etc. and who, once, wrote this about me:

‘Jean’: All I wish is to have teeth sharp enough to bite her, argh, i’d like to inject a poison into her, so that she will beg me after. Seriously, she’s far more moronic than I thought. The absolute trap would be: we plan to visit her together, and then you bail out.

Friend: No worries for me, but you can’t do that twice, she’s not stupid “:)”

‘Jean’: Yes she, she is very stupid. As naive as she is, she’ll never think that we’re talking about her, and that we plan things behind her back… In her mind, when people chat together it must mean they’re flirting, so (…) she doesn’t think straight, remember.

But he doesn’t show the slightest shame or contrition for displaying such ugliness of mind. No! Instead, he’s accusing others of all the things he’s been guilty of literally for all his life.

I think his functioning is so deeply pathological that he’s not capable of even imagining other ways outside of his own. Other ways that don’t imply coercion, control, lying, maneuvering… again, projecting onto others what he is inside. Typical.

–Infringement of copyright

It would be interesting to see Jean taking legal actions to defend as intellectual property a confession of horrible acts devoid of any humanity and moral decency.

–The methods of black propaganda worthy of the Stasi are well known in cult circles:
Black Propaganda #

It seems he doesn’t take into account that the above very well fits with his own behavior towards me :

– Blackmail and emotional manipulation.

– Putting  in serious doubt my ethics and personal choices when seeing they no longer fit his own purposes.

– Hostility to the possibility that I broaden the scope of my relations, if the latter are not closely controlled and managed by him.

I made the CHOICE of leaving a man who psychologically abused me and continues to do so in the most blatant way, with his blackmail and threats – thereby proving by his very actions that all the warnings my friends gave me before I left him were spot on.

You see, in his twisted mind, there can be no other life for me except under his control. If my choices don’t fit his views of how I should behave and what I should decide, it means I’m controlled/influenced/manipulated through « black propaganda » (and why not Nazi propaganda, since we’re at it?)

–I informed myself.

What you do not understand is that what happens is exactly what I wanted. Sometimes the best way is not to play:)

And now the game starts. [You gotta play hardball, here]

Notice the pathological gambling and how he seems to revel in his little manipulation games, without the slightest awareness of the suffering that his harassment and lies are causing me and all of my friends.

Zero empathy, zero capacity for remorse, zero capacity for introspection, zero capacity for self-doubt and assessment of his actions.

–The ultimate proof that this is a destructive cult, the worst.
The ultimate proof that they manipulate you and you do exactly the worst infamy they require of you.
How they control you? You also have confided in? You’re afraid.

I’ve indeed often been ‘afraid’ during the past years – afraid of HIS behaviour, which, sometimes, when we were still together, I used to think verged on insanity. Now, I don’t think it just ‘verges’ on insanity.

Where is his proof of me being manipulated? What infamy? Having left him and exposed his true self (even if anonymously) is certainly considered as an infamy for him.

Jean seems unable to understand what friendship and concern for others means: for him it’s all a power game where he has to win at all costs. In his world of extreme competition and control, there is no room for honest friendship and support among human beings, and so he blames my friends and myself of doing what he himself does – since for him, controlling behaviour and manipulation are the only options available. A truly scary and chilling inner landscape.

–You also have given them information about you and you would not want this to be disclosed publicly.
Sure, they would surely publish it if you removed yourself from their hold.

He just can’t let go of the idea that I just might have a mind of my own, that I just might have made choices of my own and that those choices included getting him out of my life (which is the main thing he can’t stand) and, of course, all of that HAS to be due to cultic control!! In his mind, only a ‘guru’ more powerful than him, with better manipulation and control techniques than his own, could be able to ‘break the hold’ he thought he had on me.

Anyway, Jean is saying that ‘they’ (ah, you’ve got to love that mythical – dare I say ‘conspiratorial’? – threatening, nebulous ‘they’) coerced me into writing and publishing my testimonial, and that if I had ‘removed myself from their hold’, they would have ‘revealed’ those things I talk about, probably as an attempt to ‘break’ me – as if there was anything in this testimonial that could cause me trouble if people knew about it.

In fact, IF, as a result of reading that testimonial, people who are supposed to be my friends were to choose to keep away from me, well it’d just mean they’re NOT true friends and are just hypocrites more interested in the appearance of friendship than by sincerity, honesty and true caring. So why should I care about losing such ‘friends’?


–The truth is that we have much less to fear from them than they do from us.
This is obvious if not – they would not feel obliged to go that far.

Here comes his pitch. He’s now so sure that he has made me afraid of my friends that he and I have miraculously became a ‘WE’! Clever manipulation technique… Take note, reader, this is a perfect textbook case of pathological thinking and ploys.

The idea that I never want to see him again, never want to hear his voice, have to read his crap, think about him, etc., is impossible! Only a powerful cult that has super mind-control methods could have turned me against him!

–It’s unfortunate that you find yourself enlisted in this mess, you did not deserve that.

Poor me… I could have been living with him and his perversions and rage forever…

After defaming me, insulting me (“wh***”, “you could not last 3 days without me”, “you’re worse than the day I met you”) now he’s saying that “I didn’t deserve that”.

This looks like the psychopath’s MO: when words don’t match actions, when they confuse your mind and drive you crazy with their contradictory statements and behavior – one day very nice and utterly charming, the next day treating you like a piece of s**t and acting all surprised that you’re even upset by it.

Once he stayed away for three days and was lying asleep on the bed when she came in midmorning. “Where have you been?” she cried. “I’ve been so worried. Where were you?”

He looked sour as he woke up. “Don’t ever ask me that,” he snapped. “I won’t have it.”


“Where I go, what I do, who I do it with – it doesn’t concern you, Elsa. Don’t ask.”

He was like a different person. But then he seemed to pull himself together, shook the sleep off, and reached out to her. “I know it hurts you,” he said in his old gentle way, “but I think of jealousy as a flu, and wait to get over it. And you will, baby, you will.” Like a mother cat licking her kitten, he groomed her back into trusting him.

Robert Hare, This Charming psychopath

–And I speak not of children.
But this will be avoided …
Just need to wait a few weeks.
As I said before, all you have is to follow the news.

If you really have friends in the group, tell them to run and protect themselves with a few documents.
It could be that spectacular … EPIC FAIL.

That is supposed to be conveyed to my friends and make them shake in their boots.

And what ‘group’ anyway? What is he talking about IN FACT? I know a forum which I’m a member of. I’ve offered to do translations for Sott and Pilule Rouge because I enjoy it. It happens that, on SOTT and on the forum, I have a group (there’s that suspicious, conspiratorial word again… “you have what? ‘a group’?” *shudder*) of friends who, because they supported me in my decision to end this caricature of a relationship, he’s now bent on destroying. Is it what he’s talking about?

His use of the term ‘group’ – without giving any name or any indication that he’s actually talking about individuals – not only serves to protect himself from defamation charges, but also to dehumanize Laura and her family (since, of course, it’s these people he’s targeting and talking about, first and foremost). By referring to these individuals as ‘the group’, he wants to convey to his ‘audience’ the impression of some vague, threatening and tentacular entity operating and controlling their ‘robot-followers’ from some obscure (maybe underground?) HQ.

Talking about these human beings as ‘the group’ (a euphemism for ‘the cult’) incites the unaware reader to see them as not human – therefore not capable of suffering, of emotions, of pain – and to view them as that threatening entity whose only aim is to ‘control’ and ‘enslave others’. For what ends? We don’t know. ‘They’ don’t have money, ‘they’ give EE classes for a ridiculously low fee, ‘they’ make available tons of material for free through the forum and the Cass websites, ‘they’ work all day like crazy. Maybe, in Jean’s mind, ‘they’ are just demons sucking at people’s soul? It might sound comical, but we’re not far from that, actually. Shades of the Inquisition… as the good crusader that he is, Jean probably imagines ‘them’ burning at the stake while I look at him with adoring eyes:

Just look at how one man can outstrip a clique of impostors

Yeah, by ‘one man’, he’s means himself.

And this is this same guy who’s accusing others of being ‘megalomaniac gurus’. Talk about projection again. Yawn.

–You have a choice to make, and most important of all your life.

Like I didn’t already make that choice by ditching him?

This dramatic tone is supposed to make me shake in my boots too. I’m not far from feeling like in a Star Wars movie. Oh wait, he actually believes Laura is Darth Vader!

This is what he wrote once on the now defunct GLP thread:

In our view, transformation is more like that of Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader. Their assessment of life has been reworked from a borderline personality who has rocked in fanaticism.

– Do not drown yourself in too much information, intellectualization and rationalization.

It’s clear that Jean resents me for getting informed (mainly about psychopathy, narcissism and other pathological disorders…no wonder).

But anyway, since I’m supposed to be controlled by ‘the cult’, I have no will or mind of my own anymore, right? So how could I be capable of ‘intellectualization’ and reasoning, and to get ‘too much information’? I’m just supposed to follow orders and obey through threats and coercion, right?

So make up your mind buddy. Am I mind-controlled, or am I thinking too much? Mmm, maybe I’m actually mind-controlled into thinking too much?

It’s just the question of how now you have the power to help others.
Directly, bypassing the will of another.

That’s truer than he realizes, though not the way he thinks!

–Accept that you have that power.

No one have never had as much as you, decide alone.

I guess what he is saying is that I have the power to join him in declaring that Laura runs a cult that mind-programmed me. Which in the end is submitting to HIS power: (emphatic tone) “If you don’t think, feel, and say like me, it means you’ve been programmed and I’m gonna destroy you because you’re on the Dark Side.”

Where have we seen that one already?

It is just inconceivable that people like Jean – who are clearly mentally disturbed, based on their utter obsession for… well, for anything that makes them tick… last target being Laura and her family being a “cult” – have the slightest legal support to achieve their purposes that are far from having any degree of moral decency.


10 Responses to More pathological rants from “Jean”

  1. well this is the real life example of everything text books about psychopaty and sociopathy teach us;
    ‘accusing the victim of the very things they committed themselves’.
    Stay strong.

  2. Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword.

  3. According to the Gospel of John, the Pharisees, in an attempt to discredit Jesus, brought a woman charged with adultery before him. Then they reminded Jesus that adultery was punishable by stoning under Mosaic law and challenged him to judge the woman so that they might then accuse him of disobeying the law. Jesus thought for a moment and then replied, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.” The people crowded around him were so touched by their own consciences that they departed. When Jesus found himself alone with the woman, he asked her who were her accusers. She replied, “No man, lord.” Jesus then said, “Neither do I condemn thee: go and sin no more.”

  4. So we dare not censored the word of Christ? It seems there is still a glimmer of conscience here.

  5. No dude, it’s just to show how crazy people like you are.

  6. Why lower yourself to respond pathologically to another so-called pathological deviance? And if your whole argument was only that in your head. There is no evidence that what you report is true, or embroidery on the raw fabric. Your skills to draw conclusions are not mentioned, or equivocal, to say the least.
    The only sure thing is what you want to convince you.
    I do not know what is your humanity, but I think if you knew that one of your relatives was into an notorious cult, you would do everything to help and not laugh at him.
    There is a tenacious cruelty in you, probably repressed by the fear of yourself. You fight with your pen against a shadow. And rather than get rid once and for all of your problem, you come here to expose your hatred.
    Why do not you explain to this person? As sensible people do, rather than by use only of mirrors to face reality.
    On the other hand, I do not read any real concern about your children, I think you forgot to read the Universal Declaration of Rights of Children. Maybe it has not been validated by your third?

    • Harrison Koehli

      “Why lower yourself to respond pathologically to another so-called pathological deviance?”
      Funny how people will defend a pathological by insinuating that those exposing him are themselves pathological. But, hey, even Ted Bundy had supporters!

      “There is no evidence that what you report is true, or embroidery on the raw fabric. Your skills to draw conclusions are not mentioned, or equivocal, to say the least.”
      What about ‘Jean’s’ own words? And his clear admission that they are his own? Perhaps to some, his own account of his actions seems ‘normal’? Surely, Kayla, you do not see ‘Jean’s’ actions as normal? If not, what would YOU do with such information? Keep it to yourself while he moves on to other victims? Where is YOUR humanity?

      “I do not know what is your humanity, but I think if you knew that one of your relatives was into an notorious cult, you would do everything to help and not laugh at him.”
      And what if you find out a person you know is a sexual predator? Would you not do everything to help his potential victims? This thinly veiled pseudo-moralism has one purpose, in my mind: to distract from the real issue (a dangerous, perverted man) and focus it on a non-issue.

      “There is a tenacious cruelty in you, probably repressed by the fear of yourself. You fight with your pen against a shadow. And rather than get rid once and for all of your problem, you come here to expose your hatred.”
      More diversion from the real issue: a dangerous, perverted man. I think the only cruelty here is from those who would rather see this man left along, while his victims go unrecognized and continue to suffer.

  7. You don’t seem to know much about pathology do you, Kayla?

    “but I think if you knew that one of your relatives was into an notorious cult, you would do everything to help and not laugh at him.”

    Apart from the fact that Cass has nothing to do with a “notorious cult” – please examine the evidence and then try to think for yourself instead of regurgitating V. Bridges and his gang of nutcases’s delusional BS – denying the right of an individual to make their own choices, to choose their own way of life, to associate with whom they choose to associate, on their own free will, sounds very much like cult mentality to me, where one chooses to impose their own ways onto others and denies them their free will and freedom of choice. It doesn’t sound very much different from the Right Wing Authoritarians Bob Altemeyer is talking about.

  8. Kayla, you and a lot of people seem to have problems with establishing boundaries of normal and abnormal behavior. Psychologist Marie-France Hirigoyen writes about this troubling tendency in post-modernist culture:

    Perverse abusiveness fascinates, seduces, and terrifies. We sometimes envy abusive individuals because we imagine them to be endowed with a superior strength that will always make them winners. They do, in fact, know how to naturally manipulate, and this appears to give them the upper hand, whether in business or in politics. Fear makes us instinctively gravitate toward them rather than away from them: survival of the fittest.

    The most admired individuals are those who enjoy themselves the most and suffer the least. In any case, we don’t take their victims, who seem weak and dense, seriously, and under the guise of respecting another’s freedom, we become blind to destructive situations.

    In fact, this “tolerance” prevents us from interfering in the actions and opinions of others, even when these actions and opinions are out of line or morally reprehensible.

    We also weirdly indulge the lies and “spin” of those in power. The end justifies the means.

    To what degree is this acceptable? Don’t we, out of indifference, risk becoming accomplices in this process by losing our principles and sense of limits? Real tolerance means examining and weighing values.

    This type of aggression, however, lays traps in the psychic domain of another person and is allowed to develop because of tolerance within our current socio-cultural context. Our era refuses to establish absolute standards of behavior. We automatically set limits on abusive behaviors when we LABEL them as such; but in our society, labeling is likened to intent to censure. We have abandoned the moral constraints that once constituted a code of civility which allowed us to say “That just isn’t done!” We only become indignant when facts are made public, worked over and magnified by the media. […]

    Even psychiatrists hesitate to use the term “abuse”‘; when they do, it’s to express either their powerlessness to intervene or their fascination with the abuser’s methods. […]

    [Psychopathy] arises from dispassionate rationality combined with an incapacity to respect others as human beings. Some [psychopaths] commit crimes for which they are judged, but most use charm and their adaptive powers to clear themselves a path in society, leaving behind a trail of wounded souls and devastated lives. … We have all been fooled by abusive human beings who passed themselves off as victims. They fulfilled our expectations in order the better to seduce us. …

    We subsequently feel betrayed and humiliated when, in their search for power, they show their true colors. This explains the reluctance of some psychiatrists to expose them. Psychiatrists say to each other, “Watch out, he’s a [psychopath]”, the implication being “This could be dangerous,” and also, “There’s nothing that can be done.” We then give up on helping the victim.

    Designating [psychopathy] is certainly a serious matter… whether the subject is serial killing or perverse abusiveness, the matter remains one of predatory behavior: an act consisting in the appropriation of another person’s life.

    The word “perverse” shocks and unsettles. It corresponds to a value judgment, and psychoanalysts refuse to pronounce value judgments. Is that sufficient reason to accept what goes on? A more serious omission lies in not labeling abuse, because the victim then remains defenseless…

    Victims are often not heard when they seek help. Instead, analysts advise them to assess their conscious or unconscious responsibility for the attack upon them. … Emotional abusers directly endanger their victims; indirectly, they lead those around them to lose sight of their moral guideposts and to believe that freewheeling behaviors at the expense of others are the norm. {Dr. Marie-France Hirigoyen, Stalking the Soul}

  9. “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.” John Lennon

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