Letter from Jay Weidner to Vincent Bridges

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I think vincentbridges.com is missing in action also.  I will send him a  snail mail.

Yes I have him by the you-know-what now.  If he prints anything about Hendaye I will sue him.  If he shows up in court I will prove fraud beyond any doubt.


Here is my letter to VB and Darlene:

To: Vincent Bridges Darlene

POB 877 Mount Gilead, NC 27306

From: Jay Weidner President   Aethyrea Books LLC  North Carolina

Dear Vincent and Darlene:

In 1996 Vincent Bridges told me that he had written a novel for DAW books.  He told me that he had written articles for Rolling Stone, Crème and Newsweek Magazine.  This was done clearly to show me that he had credentials and was not another fly-by-night bum looking for a hand out.

In 1997 I revealed the secrets of Hendaye to you two at my house in Colorado.   Vincent and I decided to write the book on Hendaye together.  I told him  that the publisher should pay for our expenses and everyone agreed.

In 1999 I paid $7000 for a trip for you two plus Sharron and I to France for research.  You both promised at the time to pay for your half of the trip.  When we arrived you told us both that you didn’t have the money to pay me.  I used my credit card to pay for the rest of the trip.  I have been paying more than $200 a month since April of 1999 on that credit card.  So far I have paid about $7000 of the card without paying one dime of the debt.  Needless to say you never even attempted to help me.  Not once.

At first I thought that this was just a matter of you being broke and I  forgave you.

We wrote the book in 1999 after the trip.  The writing went way to fast and the hurried manuscript was sent off to several publishers.  One publisher accepted the manuscript but Vincent nixed the deal because he said we could make more money by publishing the book ourselves.

In August 1999 I paid $1000 for the first 100 copies of the book published by the company you said you owned: Aethyrea Books LLC North Carolina.  Indeed the published book had the logo and copyrights reserved for Aethyrea Books LLC North Carolina.

The book also clearly stated that Aethyrea Books LLC North Carolina owned the copyright to the book now titled: A Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli and the Great Cross.

In September 2000 Aethyrea Book LLC North Carolina published the second  edition of the books.  This time they (you) printed 3000 copies.  Without a contract between you and I, you published these books and began selling them.   At last count you had sold about 2000 of these copies.

In July 2001 I still had not received one penny from Aethyrea Books LLC North Carolina.  Also I had still not received one penny of the money for the research trip to France.  In fact I did not even have a contract with Aethyrea Books.  I insisted on a contract being sent to me.  Finally I received a contract from Aethyrea Books LLC North Carolina in August 2001.  I was about to sign this contract when something very odd occurred.

In September 2001 it was revealed on the Cassopean Web site that Vincent  Bridges had not written a novel for DAW books, had not written any articles for Rolling Stone. Crème or any other noted magazines or newspapers.  They also noted that Vincent Bridges had claimed a pseudonym that was not his.

Fearing that the work on Hendaye was being destroyed by Vincent Bridges  dishonesty and misrepresentations I proceeded to do my own investigation of Vincent Bridges.  Much to my surprise I discovered that there was no Aethyrea Books LLC registered in North Carolina.  I searched every state in the United States for a company registered with this name.  None were found.  Fearing that I had been frauded but mostly fearing that the work I had struggled with for fifteen years was being destroyed by this fraud I decided to form a company called Aethyrea Books LLC North Carolina.  I did this with the intent purpose of saving the copyright from being taken by someone else.

This company (Aethyrea Books) still holds all of the copyrights to A Monument to the End of Time by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges.  Anyone claiming that they represent this company is committing fraud.  Any past representations of anyone concerning Aethyrea Books is also committing fraud.

Please turn over all funds gathered in the name of Aethyrea Book LLC North Carolina.  Please also include all debt accrued by this misrepresentation.  The evidence will then be taken to the proper authorities for their consideration.

No one is allowed to use any of the work copyrighted by Aethyrea Books LLC North Carolina. If one does use any of the work owned by this copyright they will be sued and, if possible, arrested.  No books, articles or anything else can be used by anyone without permission from Aethyrea Books LLC North Carolina.

Vincent Bridges and Darlene committed fraud.  Not just with me but with  several other potential authors who considered having Aethyrea publish their works.  It is obvious that you committed the fraud with me to gain credibility.  Once that credibility had been gained you solicited other writer’s works under the false premise that you owned a publishing company.  These writers are being notified currently of this fraud.

Furthermore you committed fraud by placing Aethyrea Books LLC North Carolina on the 3000 books you printed.  I still own several hundred copies.  I know several people who also purchased this book.  Amazon.com also has a contract with Aethyrea Books signed by Vincent Bridges.  This is fraud.  No way around it.

Furthermore you committed fraud by presenting a conference at Zaca Lake that was being produced by Aethyrea Books LLC North Carolina.  This fraud was committed in the state of California and is covered by that state’s laws.  Zaca Lake Retreat is now preparing a suit against you for that misrepresentation.

If you continue to act as a representative of Aethyrea Books I will have you arrested.  If you claim that you own the copyright I will sue you.  If this goes to court I will prove fraudulence by both of you.  Then I will sue you personally after I have proved this in a court of law.

I hope you understand the seriousness of this crime.  If not I will be more than happy to prove it to you.

Also because of Vincent Bridges misrepresentations concerning his past his name will be taken off the title of A Monument to the End of Time when the next revised edition is printed this year.  However he will be paid a sum commensurate with the work performed.  I have no desire to commit the same fraud that was perpetrated on myself.

Any questions concerning Aethyrea Books LLC North Carolina should be sent to:

Aethyrea Books  POB 1853 Buellton, CA 93427.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Jay Weidner


Aethyrea Books LLC  North Carolina.


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