Jay Weidner: Film maker, author, Fulcanelli Expert or Sockpuppet Master?

What kind of “film-maker”, author, self-proclaimed expert on Fulcanelli and alchemy, would need to create a whole raft of dummy blogs to promote himself?  The following blogs are all titled as though they were some individual person’s blog, but with domain names that are rather unrelated to the ostensible owner, a veritable busload of sock-puppet inventions by Weidner.

They were all created in December, 2009.

The content is nearly identical on all of them: a series of faux interviews that Jay Weidner either conducted with some other faux expert in the New Age/conspiracy field, or interviews with Jay Weidner.  All of them repeatedly promote Jay Weidner as a film maker, making mention of his “new film” that is “award winning” etc, though, as far as we can determine, nobody has ever heard of it.

All the blogs were updated on February 16, 2011, with the same post we have quoted here: “Jay Weidner AKA “Phil’s Blog” AKA 2012conference.org” though the post has since been removed from some of them.  The post is entitled:  “Laura Knight-Jadczyk: Con Artist or Psychopath?”

Now, aside from the pathetic impression this gives of a wannabe such as Jay Weidner creating a raft of fake blogs to promote himself, there is the question as to how serious can anyone take a person who thinks like a 6 year old, writes like a 10 year old, and thinks it enhances his image in the eyes of the world to write the kind of filth about another author that he has produced on these multiple blogs?  Is his own work so lacking in substance that it cannot stand on its own?   Does he actually think that by multiple repetitions via sock puppets that lies will turn into truth?  More pitiful still is the obvious fact that he has had to create his own “fan base” since he clearly doesn’t have a real one.

Then, of course, there is the question: were these sock-puppet blogs created by Jay Weidner on the instructions of someone else with the intention of utilizing them to defame Laura Knight-Jadczyk?  If so, that smacks of COINTELPRO.  But, somebody is paying for the DNS registration, the server space.  We can’t say that it is a labor intensive operation since Jay copies and pastes the same nonsense onto each of them over and over.

Here are the Jay Weidner blogs, registered in the name of his wife “Sharron Rose,” the exotic dancer who promotes Tantra as the way to ascend.

“Sophia’s Blog”

IP Address:

“Stacy’s Blog”
IP Address:

“Jodi’s Blog”
IP Address:

“Carlo’s Blog”
IP Address:

“Phil’s Blog”
IP Address:

“Stan’s Blog”
IP Address:

“Rita’s Blog”
IP Address:

“Henry’s Blog”
IP Address:

“Sylvia’s Blog”
IP Address:

“Eli’s Blog”
IP Address:

“Randy’s Blog”
IP Address:

“Milo’s Blog”
IP Address:

“Lila’s Blog”
IP Address:


The following DNS info for one of the above domains is identical for all of them so no need to repeat it over and over again.

Domain Name: 2012CONFERENCE.ORG
sacred mysteries.com,inc
PO Box 1697
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :
sacred mysteries.com,inc
PO Box 1697
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Phone: 360-379-4796

Record expires on 05-Dec-2012
Record created on 05-Dec-2007
Database last updated on 05-Dec-2007

Domain servers in listed order:    Manage DNS



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