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A blog entitled “Phil’s Blog” hosted on the domain name “2012conference.org” seems to have been created by Jay Weidner in 2009.  The first post of the blog is a promo for Weidner, and all subsequent posts seem to be similar.  First Jay interviews someone named A.T. Mann, then John Jay Harper. Next, he introduces a guy named Robert Lawlor who he says “was one of the founding members of Auroville, Sri Aurobindo’s place in India.”   Then comes Carl Johan Calleman and Archaya S. Somehow, I think he actually meant Acharya S. but spelling has never been Jay’s strong suit.   He writes some really garbled things like

“We’re all going to return to the sacred earth, hopefully, before this collapse of the economy and the world is over. I think sometimes that is really the only answer. I think the virtual reality of this world is disappearing in front of our eyes. A lot of people that are not preparing for what’s about to happen are not going to make it. Maybe this is the way nature cleans out the place or something. I don’t know. But if you’re listening to this, you should be aware of what’s something. Do you take care of yourself physically? Do you take care of yourself spiritually? You need to learn the truth. That’s really all that’s important.

Next comes some guy named James Howard Kunstler.  Yeah, I know that this name dropping is tedious, but we do want to get all the names in of the people associated with Weidner!  Anyway, he begins almost every post on “Phil’s Blog” with something like the following:

Jay Weidner: If you are interested in our video collection go to www.sacredmysteries.com and check them out. We have DVD’s by people like Terence McKenna, Nicki Scully, Sharron Rose, Pedram Shojai, Gregg Braden, Neale Donald Walsch and others. Also go to my own website www.jayweidner.com to read my articles etc.

That, of course, raised the very interesting question as to why it is called “Phil’s Blog” when it is obviously Jay Weidner’s blog. The posts are written as transcripts of radio interviews Jay does with all these people mentioned thus far. Then comes a strange one where someone else is supposed to be interviewing Jay Weidner himself.

Lance White: Greetings, everyone, and welcome to A Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic. I’m your host, Lance White. Tonight, I’m delighted to welcome Jay Weidner, who returns to the show.

Called by Wired Magazine “an authority on the hermetic and alchemical traditions,” and “erudite conspiracy hunter,” Jay Weidner is a renowned author, filmmaker, and hermetic scholar. He is considered to be a modern-day Indiana Jones for his on-going, world-wide quests to find clues to mankind’s spiritual destiny via ancient societies and artifacts.

His body of work offers great insight into the circumstances that have led to the current global crisis. He is the producer of the documentary films, “2012 The Odyssey,” it’s sequel, “Timewave 2013.”

He’s the director of the forthcoming feature documentary, “Infinity: The Ultimate Trip.” He is currently in the completion stage of this feature documentary on death and the afterlife.

It features numerous authors, such as Dannion Brinkley, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Neale Donald Walsch and many other spiritual luminaries. Let’s have a fireside chat with Jay right now.

Hi, Jay. Welcome back.

I was reading the article section on your site today. I want to mention your site, www.jayweidner.com, now, in case people want to go there. On the articles page, there’s some new information that I hadn’t noticed before.

At this point, he’s talking about the “End of Days” where he says about “Disclosure”:

I’ll tell you when disclosure happens: it happens just about the last hour. That’s the disclosure. And David Wilcocks going out of his way to say there’s going to be a disclosure and he thinks that there’s going to be these aliens landing and everything – I’m sorry, I love David, he’s a great guy; but, no, it isn’t going to happen. The Disclosure is that they’re leaving. And the people in the know, and people like Clif High, and a lot of other people who already know all this – they know what’s going on. You can look at it on the Web. You can see it through Ed Grimsley’s glasses, going through the night sky. We know what’s going on. Gary McKinnon is being extradited to the U.S. for cracking in to the Pentagon’s network. He says there’s a secret space program with gigantic ships and hundreds of thousands of personnel. Probably most of the missing people of the last 30 or 40 years.

Then, in the next post there is this gem:

The powers that be are ruled by an inner group, and we will have a video series out next year called “The Sacred Geometry of Time”, with Robert Lawlor, which is going to explain this in a much deeper way. But this group apparently knows all of the knowledge of the past, maybe as far back as several hundred thousand years. And they live here, on Earth; and they have lived here for a long time. But they’ve lived separately; until about 6, 000 years ago, they lived separately from us – some place on Earth, in a very nice place.

But, about 6, 000 years ago, the first of many alarms went off. And these alarms have to do with the advance of what we call the end of the Kali Yuga.

Now, the beginning of the Kali Yuga was right near the beginning of the Mayan calendar, 3114 B.C. And it was the beginning of cities and writing and kingships and slavery and women as chattel and animal husbandry and farming and wars and walled cities and writing and science.

And all those things actually began at the beginning of the Kali Yuga – not because we were getting better, but because we were getting worse.

But not only because we were getting worse but because there was something going on: the reason those things came into being is because this group – that are human, but are different – went into action, because the beginning of the Kali Yuga, 6, 000 years ago, the beginning of the Mayan calendar, was a signal.

A signal in a very long, long, long calendar – not 6, 000 years, but like 60, 000 years. And it said that the end of this age was going to come to an end, and the prophecy said that the sun would explode into gigantic solar flares, which would fry everything on Earth and cause huge Earth changes here on the planet.

And this group knew all of this, because they had been through it before and they kept accurate records. So they went into action; and they took a lovely planet, filled with tribes of hunter-gatherers, and they transformed it into civilization.

And they transformed it into civilization so that they could get out of here before the coronal-mass ejections hit. And that is what has been going on for over 5, 000, almost 6, 000, years.

It is a central organizing principle, decided and governed by a group that we don’t even know who they really are, for purposes which until recently have remained completely hidden and secret.

And, they promised the managers that they’re leaving behind, that they can have the underground shelters and everything; but I don’t think that that’s really going to help, because I just can’t see how that could survive what is foretold.

And the secret space program and all of these things – flying saucers, and bases on the moon, and the Nazis and Joseph Farrell’s great book on the alchemy that the Nazis were doing – this is all part of this group developing the technology for what I call “Project GOOD”, which stands for “Get Out Of Dodge”. And they’re getting’ out of Dodge, baby; and they’re almost out.

And, if you follow the work of Ed Grimsley – I don’t know if you know who he is. He has these night-vision goggles, and he goes out at night and he videotapes these craft that you can’t see with your eyes. You can type him in on Google. On YouTube, they’ve got a few astounding videos that he’s taken of the gigantic craft.

And that’s the story. And I figure I might as well get it out now, because you never know when it’s going to be too late.

Anyway, next comes Peter Levenda. The post begins, naturally, with:

Hi I’m Jay Weidner and I want to remind you that my new film Infinity:The Ultimate Trip is now out. Please
go to www.sacredmysteries.com and look it up as well as my other new films Sophia Returning with John Lash and
The Alchemy of Qi Gong with Pedram Shojai. Also we have The Alchemical Dream with Terence McKenna and our two 2012 films: 2012: The Odyssey and Timewave 2013. Also go to www.jayweidner.com and read all of my free articles that are up there.

Then Nicholas Hagger, then Joseph Farrell, then Cliff High, then Timothy Green Beckley, all interviewed by Jay Weidner. The transcripts are obviously just pasted in hurriedly because some of the formatting is way off. Again, we wonder why this is called “Phil’s Blog”?

Some guy named Russell Wright is interviewing Jay himself on the topic of “Gnostic Revival” … and finally – drum roll please – there is a post entitled: “Laura Knight-Jadczyk Con Artist or Psychopath?” We see, at the bottom:

This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 at 11:52 am

Here is the text (we have taken screen shots of the entire blog for archiving purposes):

In 2002 Laura Knight Jadczyk held a lottery in which she raffled her house in New Port Richey, Florida. In 2003, after not declaring a winner, she and her husband Ark Jadczyk suddenly left the USA and escaped to France. A few months later Laura quietly sold the house, keeping all of the money she made from the raffle. Still to this day she refuses to pay back the people who bought tickets to the raffle for $50.00.

I know what you are thinking. This is the work of a typical con artist.

Laura has a history of these types of cons so it is not unlikely that she is a low rent con artist who steals money and then attacks those who point it out.

Once in France Laura started a doomsday cult that promised the end of the world by 2007 … well change that to 2010 … okay maybe 2012?

The expected apocalypse has to keep being moved backwards as the earlier predictions failed to produce the doom she wants so badly.

When Laura Knight Jadczyk is criticized in any way she always responds by attacking the person who criticizes her. She always uses the same exact pattern.

First the person is called a ‘cointelpro agent’.

When that fails she then resorts to calling her critics ‘psychopaths’.

Even though she is a high school drop out Laura feels that she is qualified to perform arm-chair psychological analysis on people she has never met.

I know what you are thinking. This sounds like the way that a psychopath would work?

When one looks into her background and sees that she was once arrested for Attempted Murder, when one sees the squalor in which she raised her children, when one sees that she proudly announces that she channels aliens from the constellation named Cassiopaea, it is easy to think that the lady may be a full blown psychopath.

So the question becomes: Is Laura Knight Jadczyk a typical low rent con artist? Or is she a full blown psychopath?

The best sites on the web for understanding the mind of Laura Knight Jadczyk and her doomsday cult are:


(make sure to read the entire thread. This thread has most of the details of the fake house raffle, the selling of her house, the doomsday cult in France, the fleecing of innocent victims, the name calling, the vicious attacks on innocent people).



For a real jaw dropping expose of Laura Knight Jadsczyk go to here:


I like the front picture of her where she carefully places her hand to cover her numerous double chins. Laura Knight Jadczyk weighs at least 350 pounds and is a chain smoker.

She claims that smoking will stop the aliens from abducting you.

Now that is a very responsible way to get people to start smoking don’t you think?

Laura Knight-Jadczyk also has a “NEWS” site called SOTT. This is a site that copies and pastes from Drudge and Rense and acts like it is a real news site. Don’t be fooled SOTT is a trap to get people ensnared in her cult.


What ever you do; stay away from Laura Knight Jadczyk and her cult.

There you have it, folks, straight from the keyboard of the great Jay Weidner who hobnobs with the “movers and shakers” of conspiracy theory land: a cheap, hack libel artist.


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  2. Here is the Jay Weidner I knew. I had a different name back then than I have now. I am posting this in my present name.
    Back in the 90’s I lived in Boulder, CO. In ’97 that I decided to take a dance class from a woman in Boulder who happened to have met Jay Weidner a few months before. During the course of that year I got to know her and like her and she also became engaged to Weidner. Her name is Sharron Rose. She taught an amazing Asian Indian dance called ‘Kathak.’
    So, she and I would hang out and I would see Jay around the house that they lived in near Nederland, CO. which is close to Boulder.
    In time I became increasingly distressed because Jay Weidner did not treat his fiance, and later his wife, well.
    I would witness him deriding her verbally in front of me and any others that happened to be around. Here was this talented and attractive woman in her late 40’s hanging out with a guy who took pleasure in bringing her down every chance he got. One night after dance class she said that she was eager to get home because Jay was going to run a bath for her and they were going to have a romantic evening together. Then she said that he was making up for something he had done. I did not press her to tell me more at the time because I could tell she did not want to talk about it. I did know that she had said that he has a bad temper sometimes.
    Two events stand out in my mind in that year’s time that I was around them. One was a group meeting of some kind held in a public place. The meeting had not started yet. Jay was sitting around and people were milling about in the area of the chairs that were set up for the meeting. Sharron came in late and when she came in, Jay just started in on her. I wish I could remember the specifics of what he said, but he was talking her down in front of all of us (about 10 people or so.) Criticizing her for being late and then going on from there, for a good 15 minutes. Things like ‘Oh, well–she doesn’t know what she is doing, so don’t expect anything from her.’ I remembered feeling stunned that he could talk to her or about her in such an ugly way in public. An awkward silence ensued and Sharron was terribly humiliated and was trying to get away from him. I was furious, but at this time in Sharron’s life I was often playing the role of feeling the anger that she should have been feeling. Much later I realized that she fit the profile of the battered woman who does not fight back but just says “Sorry” frequently.
    The other incident was when I was with Sharron in her car and we were late in picking up Jay at a job he hated–some kind of New Age book catalog company not too far from Boulder. She was nervous about getting there because she knew he would be angry. Well, angry doesn’t say it all. We arrived about 15-20 minutes late, pulled up in front of a large office building where Jay was standing outside waiting. His face was red. He came up to the car, driver’s side, and Sharron got out quickly and went to sit in the back seat while leaving me in the passenger seat. As soon as she barely was in her seat he screeched away in the car, and started yelling at her. Rage was pouring out of him in a torrent of words. “How could you be late again?!! You know how much I hate this place and you leave me standing here waiting…” etc, etc. It was all about him and what she did to him. It didn’t matter that I was sitting there witnessing this in obvious shock, and it didn’t matter that Sharron was trying to explain and saying ‘sorry’ over and over again. I could see that she was terrified back there in her seat and that was why I was in the front with this vile tempered maniac. He scared me and at the same time I hoped that he was not going to harm me, and that by my being there Sharron felt protected. In fact I am sure now that the reason she asked me to go with her to pick him up was because she knew how angry he would be.
    I think this type of interaction was a regular thing with them. In the end, despite others including myself, being very concerned with her safety, she stayed with him because ‘he was going somewhere. He was working on some book with some guy named Vincent Bridges, and they were really onto something BIG for The World!’ In fact she stayed with him because she wanted to participate in that perceived bright future of fame and recognition.
    Very soon after the yelling in the car incident, I felt blown off by the two of them and stopped going around. The dance class was over. I forgot all about them. I did notice a few years later that they had a website about some ‘Mystery Tours’ or something like that. I emailed Sharron to say hi, but never heard back from her. Well, now I know she is one of those ‘women who love psychopaths.’ And, coming to the forum of the Cassiopean Website about a year ago and reading things about Jay Weidner, learning about psychopaths—well, it did not surprise me at all that he is one as the memories of that earlier time flooded back in.

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