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Statement by V.G. – Long Time Participant of Cassiopaean Experiment

Statement from Long Time Member of Cassiopaean Discussion Group

Arkadiusz and Laura Knight Jadczyk are the sole and exclusive owners of the Cassiopaean Material, Transcripts, Messages from Cassiopaea, consisting of experimental sessions in superluminal communication conducted by Laura Knight Jadczyk, formerly known as Laura Knight Martin, in her home, recorded by Laura Knight Jadczyk, transcribed by Laura Knight Jadczyk and Jan Rodemerk and others, and published by Arkadiusz and Laura Knight Jadczyk in printed form since 1994, and on the Internet since 1996, with properly affixed copyright notice.

As of the date of the first printed transcript, July of 1994, legal ownership was publicly established and valid copyright statement was made.

All rights are reserved.

This notice is a warning to all parties participating in copyright piracy of the Cassiopaean Transcripts obtained from the stolen CD of the transcripts obtained by Vincent Bridges via Fraud and Misrepresentation.

Mr. Bridges traveled to the State of Florida, falsely representing himself as a publisher with a legally registered publishing company. Under these (and other) false pretenses, he attempted to induce Ark and Laura to sign a publishing contract with his non-existing company. Based on this fraud, and discussions of future publishing of the transcripts, Ark and Laura were induced to provide him with a copy of the unedited transcripts on CD. This CD was clearly marked in indelible ink with our names. Mr. Bridges was instructed at that time to not share any of this material with anyone without our permission because privacy details of many individuals attending sessions and asking questions had not been removed. He was later instructed to return or destroy this CD. He did not. Vincent Bridges possession and use of our CD of the transcripts by illegal means, and his failure to return it upon our request, or destroy it and provide us with certification of destruction, constitutes theft. Anyone who participated in this activity with him may be considered to be accessories. Anyone who has a copy of these stolen transcripts has received stolen property.

Posting of the Cassiopaean Transcripts without permission from the owners constitutes not only infringement, but if they are obtained from the CD obtained fraudulently by Vincent Bridges, it is actionable in Federal Court as well as the courts of the State of Florida under the above terms.

Linking to websites which post pirated copies of the Cassiopaean Transcripts, downloading the pirated Cassiopaean Transcripts, constitutes infringement and theft.

Ark and Laura Jadczyk


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