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“The Liars Seminar”  is the best way to describe the attackers and defamers of Laura KJ.  One can certainly study their works as examples of how a grain of truth is twisted and distorted, sometimes subtly and sometimes not, layered in lies, with the sole intent to trash the intended victim.  The sad thing is that anyone that believes the lies also becomes a victim.

One doesn’t learn how to lie this way overnight.  It takes practice and plenty of malice as a fundamental part of the nature of the individual doing it.  This is the type of serious lying and deception that all truth seekers and those working to be honest persons are up against continuously on a massive scale, IMHO. Those that think they take the high moral ground and blindly choose to believe that, “the truth lies somewhere in the middle,” in most cases, fall right into the hands of liars such as these.

The attacks and slanders against Laura, who I know personally and for many years,  are a good example of why we all need to understand psycopathy to the best of our ability.  It is only by knowing the true natures of such intraspecies predators who operate behind a mask of sanity that we can effectively counteract it, and help others to do so as well.

Psychopaths – or those damaged irreparably by psychopathic thinking – reveal themselves in a particular way: When they can’t attack the content of the work or buy you off, they make it personal. That’s what they have been doing to Laura for years. I knew about this stuff from reading Laura’s writings, but, believe me, when you are personally involved, it takes on a whole new reality. I have had friends and family who have been contacted and told horror stories about my involvement in a cult. They have been used as the objects of threats, veiled and otherwise. Fortunately, my family and friends know me, they know Laura and Ark, they know some of the other members of the research group, and they had the good sense to ignore it.

And even if things worked out in the end where I was concerned, there is still the emotional shock when some stranger phones and starts telling lies about your child or parent or friend.  What kind of people would do that?

There is that effect that the psychopath has over good people who cannot imagine that there are people whose conscious intent is to hurt. There is that impulse to think that the truth is somewhere “in the middle”. That is the psychopath’s weapon. We are bombarded with the notion that the truth of a situation is always “somewhere in the middle”. But when one party is consciously lying, that is no longer the case. When one side is making things up, as in the stories told about Laura (and I know, I was there) that “certainty” is a trap.

The psychopath counts on our “goodness” and twists and manipulates that goodness into something horrid and deformed.

We have to ask “Why?”, why would someone, or some group, expend so much energy to destroy not only the life’s work of someone, but to also destroy their private life as well? If people don’t agree with Laura’s ideas, they can ignore them. Many people do. What kind of pathological need can there be to get vicious and personal?

Laura is accused of being paranoid for thinking that there is a cyber-gang after her, but listen: when you start getting death threats, your family and friends get threats and are harassed, you realize that she’s not paranoid.  In fact, considering all that’s been said and done, I don’t think she’s paranoid enough because she repeatedly is willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, and she certainly never says anything about anyone else unless they have FIRST attacked her.  And even then, she will often wait to see if that person was just having a bad day!

All Laura has ever been doing is trying to make available her research to others. She ain’t in it for the money, because there is none, nor for the glory, because what she gets is infamy, threats, and attacks. She wants to give others the possibility to see the world through different eyes. And she is forcing her ideas on no one.

Why is that so dangerous that she must be destroyed? Why do they go so far as to attack her children? What kind of people would do that?

THINK, People!


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