Colleen Johnston – Malevolent Alien Sex Cult Part 2

Today’s topic is section 2 of the defamatory writings of Colleen Johnston.  This is basically just a copy/paste of a list of brainwashing and mind control tactics of cults that Colleen has decided to apply to me and my work, and this exposes, more than anything else, her abyssal ignorance of what I actually do.  She thinks that just because I have (and do) engage in experimental channeling that this channeling defines me, that I rely on it, that it is presented as some ridiculous “holy word of god” or something.  Nothing could be further from the truth as the many people who have attended our sessions can attest.

So, here is that section of her page and I will add my comments after.  You can click the image to get a larger version of it for ease of reading.

Section Two of Colleen Johnston’s defamatory webpage:

Colleen Johnstons Defamatory MAAR Website

Okay, got that?  Let’s start with item one: “Leadership comes in a pyramidal structure wit all information coming from the top leadership (meaning Laura). “

Obviously Colleen has not really done any research on me and her “vast knowledge” of cults (that is, she was – and is – in one) really isn’t applicable in the case of me and my work.

First of all, as we repeatedly tell people, we don’t trust channeling ourselves, it’s just an experiment; what counts is real research.  This is written over and over and over again on many pages of the Cassiopaean website and is a theme that runs through the entire Wave Series.  And so, since we don’t trust channeling as the last word, there is nothing for me to “deliver” to anyone as “information coming from the top.”  I release the sessions and it’s open season on reading and analyzing them.  That’s one of the things we do on the forum: dissect things, research  and assign probabilities.  Also, this is a group activity, and as often as not, someone else’s assessment is considered to be superior to mine because I freely admit that I don’t have all the answers!

I’m not even sure what kind of information Colleen is assuming is “coming from the top” here.  Our general way of working is to take a topic and everyone goes out and gathers information about that topic and we discuss it.   Yes, the Cassiopaeans can be inspirational in this activity, but that’s only 10% (or less) of the process.   From our point of view – and what we teach others – you must do your own research!

Indeed, on our forum, we are the arbiters of decorum and we don’t tolerate aggressive or manipulative people, so if banning people because they display pathology is what Colleen means, well, I guess we are guilty.  But regarding information, sorry: we don’t hand it out, our members participate in the process in round table discussions.  No pyramids in our work allowed!

Next item: “Blends ideologies such as Christian, so called Divine mastering, etc., and other types of spiritualities, including a dangerous pro-apocalyptic agenda.”

Whoah!  I don’t think Colleen got this one from a standardized list, but if she did, somebody correct me.  I think she made this one up because she wants to maintain some kind of fundamentalist Christian belief system and that means you aren’t allowed to compare Christianity to other religions.  I’m not even sure what “Divine mastering” is, but I think she means something like working on yourself to become a better person as opposed to the Christian belief that all you have to do is be “saved” and then you can sin at will without fear of punishment.

Regarding the “dangerous pro-apocalyptic agenda,” our scientific research (that is, mainstream source materials) suggests strongly that the earth is regularly bombarded by comets and that climate change is part of these cycles.  Unlike the Judeo-Christian view, we don’t think that there is a Big Bang and linear time.  Science suggests that information is at the basis of the Cosmos and that time is cyclical.  Therefore, any cataclysmic events are not the “End of the World.”

If Colleen had only taken the time to do the research, to read not only the Cassiopaean transmissions, but our articles, she would have known all these things.  In short, her “vast experience” as a cult member is useless in helping her to understand who we are and what we do because there simply is no comparison.

Next item: “Leaders uses hypnosis as a tool to further ‘Cassiopaean’ agenda by removing disembodied spirits from clients. (This was also done in the group I was in)”

Another complete failure of research on Colleen’s part. Spirit Release Therapy is something I practiced for many years before I even decided to engage in a channeling experiment and it was, in fact, due to several comments made by the Cassiopaeans that I actually gave it up as less than helpful.  According to the Cs, the person needs to gain knowledge and strengthen themselves from within rather than having someone else do the work for them! After the Cassiopaeans, I even gave up doing hypnotherapy altogether!

Next item: “Leader uses disaster scenarios via writings to keep and obtain membership.”

In case Colleen hasn’t noticed, all our writings on this topic are based on science, NOT channeling.  Yes, the Cassiopaeans have discussed these things, but we would never have considered that to be useful information if the scientific research had not confirmed every word they have said.  I would also like to point out that we are presently experiencing the very things that this research reveals to be part of the normal cycles of our planet and solar system.  It seems that reality scares Colleen and she really needs to believe that Jesus saves and that he’s going to rapture her and the other ladies who’ve been raped and tortured by reptoid aliens as compensation for them keeping the faith, enduring their torment, and praying regularly for help that never comes.

Fact is, gurus who promote apocalyptic scenarios to get members generally couple that with some promised salvation, like Jesus.  We just lay out the facts and say its gonna be a turkey shoot.  Who survives will be a matter of luck, most likely.

Next item: “Claims exclusiveness of The Cassiopaean Experiment and a ‘you’ll miss the boat’ ideology if you do not become involved.”

Wow!  Did Colleen ever fall down on this one!   First: I DO claim ownership of The Cassiopaean Experiment transcripts.  You only have to read the Statement of Terry and Jan Rodemerk, members of the channeling experiment group for years, to understand why.  I am entitled to claim ownership of what I have worked to produce.  But I’m not too sure that this is what Colleen means.  Perhaps she is saying that I claim that the Cs are the be-all and end-all of channeled sources?  Well, I don’t claim that.  What’s more, one of the reasons we do so much research is because we know that no source can be 100% right all the time.  If a person is going to accept (as we do) that all avenues of research are valid, then one has to assign a value to those avenues.  We only assign a very small value to channeled material of any kind and a much higher value to hands on research.

As to the “‘you’ll miss the boat’ ideology if you do not become involved”, sorry, that’s not us either.  One thing we do try to do is assess reality as objectively as possible.  That means employing scientific and forensic methods to assessing probabilities.  So, when we decide what appears to be likely utilizing the best cognitive methods available to us (which isn’t channeling, by the way), we are fairly confident of our predictions, interpretations, and assessments.  But that’s not ideology, that’s science.

Next item: “Uses personal neediness, charisma to gain income and decicated (sic) followers.”

It is standard in our society for any research to be funded by charitable, tax deductible donations.   When people are helped by our work, as they are, and that help is given to them freely, it is not a surprise that they then want to make it possible for us to continue to help others.  That’s called a virtuous circle of passing on the help.  Additionally,  we work very hard for our income and a good portion of it comes from book sales. We also help to support many group members in times of trouble and have helped set up several businesses that employ and support group members from which we get nothing at all.

Next item: “Uses knowledge that comes from the exclusive channeling’s from Laura so called communications, as factual and other interpretations of channeled information are either ignored or not valid.” (sic – I’ve left the sentence as she wrote it.)

So wrong it’s not even in the ballpark.  Again, Colleen has absolutely no idea what we do and apparently hasn’t bothered to actually research it.   We NEVER consider what comes from the Cassiopaeans as factual.  It is, after all, channeled material!  And if we don’t consider our own controlled channeling as a totally reliable method of obtaining information, why in the world would we consider channeled material from people who do NOT use scientific methods as useful? Having said that, I will add that the Cs have an amazing track record which I can’t say about other channeled info.  We only know that because we do the research.

Next item: “Uses anger, humiliation on members when they ask questions she cannot answer.”

Sorry, but this one just takes the cake.  I do not ever use anger or humiliation on members for asking questions.  And if I don’t know an answer, I say so, and have done repeatedly.  I DO expose manipulators and liars, and they often go running away and defame me in this way, but that’s what psychopaths and other personality disordered people do when they are exposed.  Read Martha Stout’s book “The Sociopath Next Door” or Robert Hare’s “Without Conscience” or George Simon’s “In Sheep’s Clothing” for many examples of this behavior.  I should also point out that it is a sign of pathology to believe such things and to join in the defamation without doing your own research.

Next item: “Uses outright lies to maintain belief structure and manipulates as well as twists what others Members say.”

This is just pure lying slander and defamation.  See previous response.

Next item:Uses times-line events but quickly changes ‘channeled’ information to suit the situation as supposed ‘event’ nears.“(sic)

The fact is, we don’t make predictions based on dates.  The universe is an open system and the only people who can make such predictions are generally of the negative variety where they have the intent or ability to make their predictions come true so as to attract true believers.  Also, it is an outright slanderous lie to accuse me of doing that.  I would like one single, concrete example from Colleen.  But she’ll never produce one because there aren’t any.  But she doesn’t know that because she hasn’t done her research; instead, she has believed the lies of others or is the creator of those lies herself in her efforts to preserve her own Christian belief system.

Let me add here, just for fun, another similar list of accusations made on a discussion board on the web with my responses. The quoted segments are what this individual is writing in reference to members of the Cassiopaean Discussion Forum.

They also seem to have something ‘missing’ in them that you can’t connect to, like a normal persons sense of what is right and wrong is not there.

Translation: I couldn’t find a place to permanently hook this person because they were free of social programming that makes “right and wrong” black and white.

In most cults it seems to be ok to lie to anyone outside of the group.

Ummmm…. anybody who tells the truth and the whole truth to a pathological person will have it used against them.  This is common knowledge even in the world of pop psychology.  So to call this realization “cultic” is definitely telling us which side of the pathology line this writer is standing on!

They are also paranoid of everyone outside the group and fear the leadership and spy on each other.

What a load of nonsense!  Now it has descended into outright lies.

Control seems to be gained through hypnosis and I have heard it is possible to get people dehypnotised back to their original state. But there are other layers of re-programming.

See what I wrote above: nobody uses hypnosis in our group.  I gave up doing hypnotherapy, replacing it with helping people to do their own research and learning so as to strengthen themselves from within.

They put massive focus on pathology making them totally paranoid of anyone outside the group

Yeah, we put focus on pathology, backed up by science.  And what this person is writing is a good example of why.  And anybody on this planet who does NOT put massive emphasis on pathology in power at all levels, is either lunch or the diner.

The use of the enneagram – what they refer to as ‘The Work’ the SS used the same tool. _

Ummm… when is the last time anybody talked about the enneagram on the Cassiopaean forum except as a general topic of exploration and discussion?  I don’t find it to be useful, myself, and think that the pop psychology people who got hold of it completely misunderstood it, but I don’t claim to understand it either, thus I leave it alone unless and until some information comes my way that sheds light on it.  Yeah, I wrote a bit about it but only in the sense of numerology and number symbology. So, again we have an outright lie.

They believe humans are machines and all emotion is manipulation, and you have to earn your soul, therefore becoming a machine themselves.

Whoah, is that ever an over-simplification, misunderstanding, twisting and distortion of some of the things we talk about all rolled into one!

Plus spinning 33 times x 3 per day, meditation and breathing, all this takes up a great deal of time and it self absorbing as you are constantly anylysing yourself and other peoples reactions.

Well, these are interesting activities that we experiment with, some having more benefits than others, and the fact that she is dissing what has been shown to be beneficial, plus making the ridiculous comment that it “takes up a great deal of time”, again displays the COINTELPRO agenda of this writer.

They seem to be artificially creating psychopaths – robots, devoid of any human emotion.

Ohh…. scary!  I guess people who can’t be manipulated by psychopaths are scary to a psychopath!  But there is a vast difference between controlling your emotions and being devoid of them.  Strikes me that this individual doesn’t perceive the difference – has semantic aphasia on that topic, for sure!  And semantic aphasia is a symptom of psychopathology.

An organization that uses intensive indoctrination techniques to recruit and maintain members into a totalist ideology.

We can agree on that point and further point out that this is what is done by the groups and social standards being defended by this individual – groups and societies run by psychopaths in power, I should add.  It is the very thing that we seek to help people to identify and become free of.  So, sorry, nope, doesn’t apply to us.

Intensive indoctrination techniques include:
1) Subjection to stress and fatigue

We must have missed that memo since we work constantly to help people reduce their stress, get more sleep, eat healthy, take care of themselves.

2) Social disruption, isolation and pressure

We must have missed that memo too since we advocate that people work on themselves in the context and relationships in which they find themselves, being always externally considerate of others.

3) Self criticism and humiliation

Ummm… guess we missed that one too.  We work pretty hard to help people get over self-criticism and feeling humiliated by understanding the splits in personality that are well-documented by many researchers, Martha Stout and Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, to name two.  We have a reading list posted in several places on our forum that deal with these types of problems.

4) Fear, anxiety and paranoia

Whoah, this person is batting a thousand about now… Facing primary reality without fear, anxiety and paranoia is what we are all about!  How come I get the feeling that this person never really read anything on our forum?  Or, if s/he did, didn’t grok it one bit?

5) Control of information

This one leaves me rather speechless since, above all things, we send people out to find answers, to discuss what they find, and we, ourselves, are transparent both on the net and in person as hundreds of people who know us and work with us will attest.

6) Escalating commitment

Load of nonsense.  Indeed, we hope that people will commit to their own growth and if that is with us, fine, if not, fine.

7) Use of auto-hypnosis to induce ‘peak’ experiences

Say what?  Oh, I suppose that this refers to using EE which is composed of scientific tried and tested methods of reducing stress and achieving emotional catharsis and stability.  ( And what about numbers 1, 3 and 4 that are contradicted by this activity???)

One line I read on their forum is ‘ remember you are here because you can’t trust the way you think’ !!!!

Well, duhhh!  And never was it proven more unequivocally than by this mish-mash of lies and projections!

Also you are not allowed to have a relationship with anyone unless you ‘network’ it first !!!!

Ummm… someone please tell me where that rule is?   We definitely suggest that people network about relationships because, as Sandra Brown – and many others – have proven, and the horrors of relationships that we know about just in general, show us quite clearly that a whole lot of human suffering would be relieved if people were taught from infancy how to spot pathology and also how to recognize love and caring and empathy and how to avoid feeding or being fed on others in an unhealthy way.

If you are already in a relationship and your partner is not involved they will persecute the partner.

Oh, boy, I think we have a whole lot of members who have been in difficult relationships where we have done nothing but try to find ways for them to work out their relationship and stick with it.  In fact, overall, I think our members have a lower separation/divorce rate than the average of non-members!

As for the use of the term “persecute”, I again think that this is evidence that the writer is someone who feels “persecuted” because her plans for domination and control of one of our members didn’t pan out.

They even make you paranoid of your own family, this is all to gain total control over their lives.

Ummm… like I said, this person obviously did not do much reading on our forum and clearly is abysmally ignorant of psychology, psychopathology, much less the statistics regarding abuse in our society.

Their overall ambition ‘carrot’ is to attain 4th density which they very much suggest you have to be celibate. 

Scary stuff

Right.  We point out repeatedly that we don’t know that 4D is real, but it’s a useful hypothesis and has significant scientific support from the fields of physics and math not to mention the weird stuff that happens on this planet.

Now, isn’t this fun?  I’ll be getting to section three of Colleen Johnston’s ignorant and clueless diatribe soon.  Stay tuned!

Colleen Johnston – Malevolent Alien Sex Cult Part 3


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