Colleen Johnston – Malevolent Alien Sex Cult Part 3

It has been awhile since there has been time available to address the strange beliefs of Colleen Johnston, the maven of “Malevolent Alien Abduction Research.”  We have been very busy working on more positive things such as the latest issue of “The Dot Connector” magazine and keeping up with the many questions that our readers post on the Cassiopaea Forum, not to mention keeping up to date.  The many recent Signs of the Times on our planet – including the massive and devastating Japan earthquake and tsunami – deserve our full attention and we try to make sure our readers are well-informed and thus able to avoid fear-based knee-jerk reactions to natural events with logical causality.


Anyway, having said that, let’s now look at the next segment of the Colleen Johnston MAAR defamation website.  (Since I can’t find any other reason for this site to exist, that’s what we will call it.)  You can click the image to see an enlargement of the screenshot:

Section Three:

Colleen Johnstons Defamatory MAAR Website


In this section, Colleen writes:

Former members that wish to remain anonymous, also claim they were scammed out of large sums of money when the Jadczyk’s suddenly uprooted the Perseus Foundation from New Port Richey, Florida and moved it to France leaving many a bewildered cult member feeling emotionally reaped by their experience and financially taken advantage of.

Wow!  First we have anonymous people supposedly making these claims.  Why would they want to remain anonymous?  Maybe because they don’t exist?  Anyway, for the truth of the matter: up to the time we (that is, Ark and I and our family – Laura writing here) left Florida, with one exception, we NEVER HAD any members who donated “large sums of money.”  The biggest donation we ever had was $50.00  Yes, that’s right, FIFTY BUCKS.  Most donations were 5, 10 or 20 bucks.   The truth is that we funded nearly all of our activities ourselves, out of our own pockets because, up until Vincent Bridges entered our lives making claims of owning a publishing company (lies) and being able to publish and promote our work (lies) so that we could support ourselves in that way, Ark had a full time job as an independent contractor for a company that had a military contract to develop nuclear detection devices.  Before that, he had been teaching at the University of Florida in Gainesville and could have, at any time, returned to teaching if we had not decided to move back to Europe which was, please notice, Ark’s home. It was only then, at the point in time that we were ready to leave, that we received a single significant donation from a friend (who is still a friend, by the way).


In other words, there is ZERO possibility for the existence of these people that Colleen Johnston claims have confided in her about how emotionally and financially raped they felt!  More than that, there is ZERO evidence for their existence!  As Betsy Ashby writes in her testimonial:


I did a complete search for any pending criminal and/or civil actions against Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Arkadiusz Jadczyk, the Cassiopaean group, Quantum Future School, etc. There are NONE. I did a complete search for anyone holding a raffle ticket who asked for a refund and didn’t get it. I found NONE. There was no raffle “scam” and there were no “victims” …just a fouled up fundraiser that didn’t turn out the way anyone planned, especially Laura.  …


The people who actually purchased raffle tickets to the “seemed like a good idea at the time” fundraiser know and accept honest mistakes as a fact of life, and they don’t hold Laura and Ark to some unreasonable standard of perfection. Members bought their tickets to support their group, it’s their money, and not a one of them has brought a verifiable public complaint against their group and/or its leadership. Not one!

If anyone who actually took part in the raffle had a beef with Laura, Ark, the group, school, etc. they could easily write a letter asking for a refund on their ticket, post it on the many slander sites and forum threads….and SIGN THEIR NAME TO IT. A legitimate dissatisfied raffle ticket holder could also file an action in small claims court and post that paper work too.

None of this has happened, check for yourself as I did…. there are NO pending lawsuits and/or outstanding criminal charges against Laura Knight-Jadczyk and/or Arkadiusz Jadczyk!


I’ll repeat that most important part for everyone: “If anyone who actually took part in the raffle had a beef with Laura, Ark, the group, school, etc. they could easily write a letter asking for a refund on their ticket, post it on the many slander sites and forum threads….and SIGN THEIR NAME TO IT.”


No one has ever done this!  No one has ever sent me a letter asking for a refund.  None, zero, zip, zilch.   Oh, wait, yes, one person did – a person who had not actually sent any money in.  We keep careful and complete records, and every name, every check, every cash donation was recorded so when this scam was tried, we caught on right away.  What is so dumb is that the person claimed they donated via PayPal without realizing that PayPal too, keeps meticulous records.  They never filed with Paypal for a refund either! (And I still have the fraudulent email that this person sent.)


I should also mention that I can count on my fingers the actual numbers of people who have been legitimate members of our group and have left for one reason or another, usually because they get exposed as liars and manipulators, but sometimes for legitimate reasons.   This highlights the fact that the enormous volume of defamation against me on the internet is the work product of just 5 or 6 people, total, all of whom appear to pull the strings of numerous sock-puppets in a vain effort to make it appear that there is some kind of real cult with real disaffected drop-outs!  It’s pathetic.  It’s also evidence – even if only circumstantial – that there is a master “string puller” behind the whole thing, i.e. COINTELPRO.  Either that, or it is nothing but the sick excretion of the mind of one man: Vincent Bridges.  So, either he’s a paid agent or he’s stark, raving mad.  Take your pick.


Back to Colleen Johnston’s lies and defamation; she writes:


The Jadczyk’s raised well over $100,000.00 to $150,000.00 from a bogus raffle to sell their home… then split with the money…

Let me just address the fact that, since most of the donations (and they were donations) came from our group members and readers, and were small, the total amount was less than half the amount needed to pay off a 65K mortgage.  If you want all the details, you can read “The Short Version of the Tale” .which will reveal, among other things, that the only money we had when we left was a single gift of $20,000.00 from a friend and those funds had nothing to do with the Raffle whatsoever.


Now, where do these people come up with this ridiculous figure?  I do have an idea and it started with Vincent Bridges and a pal of his.  They quite simply made some stupid assumptions and the lie was born and broadcast as though it were the gospel truth. (Vinnie, do you ever think about how stupid and ignorant you appear making the ridiculous claims you make?  You really are lucky that we’ve never wasted the money to take it to court because lawyers, judge and jury would howl with laughter at your infantile deductions in the face of the documentary evidence we possess!  I guess it’s no wonder that you didn’t bother to register a real publishing company – you haven’t got the brains to fill out the necessary forms!)


Continuing on: it’s amazing how many lies are compacted into these three short paragraphs!  Colleen Johnston writes:

As one member told me they began to wake up as soon as prediction dates that came from the Cassiopaean channeling’s came and went, and began to speculate that Laura was making things up via her channeling board jut to keep the paranoia going and the money flowing.  Laura was noticeably unable to follow her own set of lies and began to trap herself in them by getting dates confused and changing previous information.


If anything demonstrates that Colleen Johnston knows nothing about the Cassiopaean Experiment or me, this one is it!  Not only do the Cassiopaeans NOT give predictions fixed to dates, I don’t either.  For an examination of one claim from a real former member of the Cass group, check out this article: Swerdlow Controlled via Satellite? or “reductio ad absurdum”.  There you will find a REAL disaffected former Cass group member and will be able to observe for yourself how such individuals twist facts and deny their own pathology.


So, once again, in three paragraphs Colleen Johnston has been revealed as a master liar and manipulator.  If you want to understand how the mind of such a person works, just read Bob Altemeyer’s book “The Authoritarians.”  The whole book is available online for FREE, HERE. The facts seem to be proved by modern psychological research, that Christian True Believers are among the biggest and most accomplished liars in the world.


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