Chris Horlacher – Maple Leaf Metals and Mold, Oh My!

Chris Horlacher hopped on the defamo train about 4 years ago by announcing on Facebook that Laura is a convicted criminal…

Horlacher lying on Facebook

…. which is an absolute LIE, and very easy to research.  Laura lived in Florida for her entire life before moving to France with her European husband a few years ago.  Even if someone doesn’t have the cyber IQ of a snail darter and can’t do a simple records search for themselves, they can spring for a $20.00 criminal background check in Florida and it will show that Laura Knight-Jadczyk  DOES NOT have ANY criminal record record whatsoeverThere are not now,  nor have there ever been, any Civil Actions filed against her either… about the raffle, the house or anything else.


Since Horlacher is Net savvy enough to know how to look before he libels, one can only assume that he’s doing it on purpose.  I’m gonna take a wild guess and say it’s because Laura and Co. figured out exactly what Horlacher was all about…ohhhhh, 15 minutes or so after he opened his big, fat cyber mouth?


Chris Horlacher is an Illuminati loving, Socialist hating, Freemason who trots about the Internet promoting himself as “Founder and Managing Director of Maple Leaf Metals Exchange Inc”  which all sounds quite impressive ..until you do a little looking.

Canadian Corp records show the address for the “Maple Leaf Metals Exchange Inc”

100 Wellesley Street East
Apt #2214
Toronto ON M4Y 1H5

which traces to a residential highrise in downtown Toronto that  is frequently described as a “slum” by the tenants living in it.  A quick look on their Tenant’s Association page shows multiple complaints about crime, drug users, mold, bedbugs  etc.

100 wellesley-precious metals, mold, drug dealers-1

100 wellesley-precious metals, mold, drug dealers-2





Now I don’t want to rag on where people have to live, times are hard, and we’re fortunate if we have a roof over our heads these days.

However, when a guy who’s promoting himself as a “Financial Adviser” “Precious Metals Dealer”  has his “office” in a residential complex where the tenants rejoice whenever management changes a broken lightbulb, ya gotta ask questions, like….
“Do you follow your own financial advice?”  “How do you protect the gold from the crack heads in your building?” and  “Should I soak my bullion in bleach when it arrives?”  …stuff like that.


The “secrethistory-of-lauraknight-jadczyk” slander site was originally hosted on the same server as a bunch of domains owned by a guy in France named “[name redacted”  You can read the whole “[name redacted]” saga here It’s a longggggg, drawn out, rabid ex-husband story that basically boils down to a sado-domineering type dude going “Ugh! My female! Ugh, Ugh!”  {while scratching his armpit] … all over the Internet and beyond.

[Name redacted] appears to have joined the “Bruised Male Egos Attacking Laura Knight-Jadczyk” club shortly before he moved the secret-history site to the same server Chris Horlacher uses to sell gold to anyone who doesn’t care if there might be a bedbug or two in the box.

There’s no way to know if [name redacted] sought out Horlacher, or vice versa, but now we have Jay Weidner, Vincent Bridges, Chris Horlacher, and [name redacted] all beating the same dead horse to the point that you could make Trigger Burgers out of it. “Raffle, raffle, raffle” has become the mating call for the raggedy flock of yellow bellied cyberstalkers that circle anything Laura tries to do.

Vincent Bridges wanted to publish Laura’s books, and she said “No” …and psycho hose beasts, especially those with testacallia,  just do not take rejection well.  Jay Weider has his head so far up Bridge’s butt that he could choke on Vinnie’s spleen any minute now.  Jay wants to be an author of world renown (like Laura AND Ark ) sooooooo bad, but unfortunately, the only difference between Weidner’s writing and that of a five year old is the block print in crayon.


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