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Gunnar Kossatz a.k.a. Samvado

Gunnar Kossatz Samvado

On the 9th of August, 2006 Gunnar Kossatz wrote a review of Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s book “The Secret History of the World and How to Get Out Alive” titled “Extremely lousy candidate for zero stars“. In his review we can find the following statements:

Let me mention that I have read all books from this author. My valuable time does not allow for so many reviews so this one will have to do: All her books are highly repetitive. Within themselves as well as among each other. The story she tries to sell is rather short: aliens control the world by means of time travel. This information she channels from her future self. So far so good BUT she and/or her future self are awfull editors and even worse writers. And you stumble upon logical flaws in about each and every one of her assumptions. The book is full of them btw., nothing is even remotely proven but has to be believed. Please, dear aliens, if you exist travel into the past and erase these books, maybe by means of a time paradox I will get the mnoey I wasted back in my bank account.”

One can’t help but wonder what kind of book reviewer would start by saying how valuable his time is and then insert a wish that the authors books would be erased? [threatening statements will be highlighted in red] Note also that he says that he has read all her books (although he is very busy!). Keep that in mind for later. Two years later he feels the need to add the following to his review:

[…] added August 2008: BUT thanx to the WAYBACK MACHINE at I managed to retrieve my ORIGINAL REVIEW – you gonna love this one! (unless you belong to the mentally convoluted lot who make up the followers of this author) It took me quite some time to write and I am happy to have recovered it,…”

Notice that snide remark about how the author’s followers are mentally convoluted. [innuendos about the authors mental condition will be highlighted in green] Okay, so he is happy to have recovered his review and says that we’re going to love it. Let’s see what he is so happy about. In this recovered review he writes:

“May you live in interesting times – the old chinese curse is certainly true for all of us today. Many observations Mrs. Knight makes are somewhat true BUT -and this is the crux of the matter- as good as ALL deductions she makes from those observations are not just DEAD wrong,they indicate a psychological and medical condition I am not allowed to put in writing because Amazon staff would consider it name-calling.

[…]I’ll have to ask: is that mental condition even covered by medicare? Mrs. Knight’s husband, a university-level physicist, has never heard of Occam’s razor (Occam’s razor states that the explanation of any phenomenon should make as few assumptions as possible) or forgotten to apply it to his wifes mental proceedings.

[…]It seems there is a growing number of people who have forgotten how to use their higher brain functions. A frightening lot fall for this crap and discuss it in earnest at their signs-of-the-times website forum. As with all people who suffer from similar medical conditions (watch the good movie “a beautiful mind” for more info on that subject) proof to the opposite is simply ignored and if presented in a way so it can not be ignored will be deleted from perception (and as in my case also physically from their discussion board).”

As you can see, Samvado goes on and makes more suggestions about the authors mental condition and even makes a snide remark about her husband. To sum it up: the review contains a wish that the authors books would be erased and also not so subtle innuendos about the author’s mental condition. It seems like the reviewer has a personal agenda against the author, Laura Knight-Jadczyk. Let’s find out some more about “Samvado” and see what else he has written on the subject.

On the 10th of August (notice it’s the following day-he must be very busy indeed!), 2006 Gunnar Kossatz writes a review of Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s book “High Strangeness – Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction” titled: “Copy of another book.

Added 28.2.2011: Samvado’s review of “High Strangeness” mysteriously disappeared(!) some weeks after publishing this article. But no worries, we saved some screenshots:


Screenshot 1: Review/High Strangeness

Screenshot 2: Review/High Strangeness/Whole page

But back to his review. This time he makes it short and straight to the point:

“Read my review of the book by the same author titled: “The Secret History of the World and How to Get Out Alive”

This book is to a very great extend a carbon copy of it. My review is therefor the same.”

What an enlightening book review! But strangely, having summed it up so nicely in his review, a year later he finds it necessary to add something to this review. This addition must surely be some important aspects of his book analysis. Well, judge for yourselves:

“added a year later:

Since I wrote the very elaborate review of the book “The Secret History of the World and How to Get Out Alive” (let me mention that I have read ALL the books of this author, some very quickly due to endless repetitions) my review has disappeared. Not only that, my follow-up review which was brief ALSO disappeared. AMAZON who I suspected says they dont know what happened. Now I wonder – what DID happen? Possibly my account was hacked by one of the many religious followers of this absurd reality-construct(I have to admit my pw wasnt very hard to guess). I have since changed it now let’s see how long THIS will stay.

And as of this book and all the others –dont waste your money on the highly paranoid mental excretions of an aging american housewife who channels her future self. The bad aliens somehow don’t do me (and all prospective buyers of these books) the favor and travel into the past to get RID of this blatant insult to ANY logic, no matter what universe you come from

Okay, so he points out again that he has read ALL the books (very quickly). Then he complains about the fact that some of his reviews has disappeared (One could argue that he is very fond of his own reviews). And what else did he leave out? Oh yes, a few more suggestions about the authors mental condition and of course again the wish that these books would be erased (he sure must hate them!). So, basically what he left out, and what he felt was so important that he had to add it a year later, were the same innuedos that he wrote in his first review (The Secret History).

There are also some interesting remarks made by Samvado in the comments section of his review of the book High Strangeness:

Posted on Mar. 30, 2007 2:04 AM PDT

Last edited by the author on Mar. 30, 2007 2:05 AM PDT

Gunnar Kossatz says:

Obviously A.Feld subscribes to the nonsense that is religiously taught in these books. I have never met nor talked to the author. all I know I know from her books. I certainly have no personal issue with her.

Did you get that? Gunnar Kossatz “Samvado” has never met nor talked to the author – all he knows about her is from her books. He must have read those books pretty thoroughly being able to make remarks about the authors mental condition, not to mention that he seems to have no expertise in psychology. In his short resume he tells us:

Samvado Gunnar Kossatz, 1953 born (and still spends a lot of time) in St.Pauli, a part of Hamburg, Germany.
Tried Communismn, Anarchie, LSD and TM before he started playing with Tarot-cards back in 1979. That (among other happenings) led him to meet Osho in Poona in 1981 who became his prime source of inspiration for the years to come.
He bought his first Seth-book around the same time; Jane Robert’s books became another great inspirational source.
In his spare time he flies a little airplane (a C172A, callsign N7556T, located now in Sedona/AZ, in case a fellow pilot reads this).

But back to his reply. In his reply to Amazon user name ‘CA, reader’ Samvado tells about his reading habits in some detail:

“Posted on May 10, 2007 8:04 AM PDT

CA reader says:

“[…]I think the strangest thing I’ve come across so far is your review. If you feel so negatively about the author’s works, WHY would you read ALL of them?! For myself, if I come across a book I dislike in any significant respect, it’d be unlikely I’d read another.”

“In reply to an earlier post on Mar. 16, 2010 6:19 AM PDT

Gunnar Kossatz says:

“Yes, I often have a lot of free time, and I have enough money to order all books of an author that seems interesting on first sight. I have to admit I am also a bit lazy. I did touch all of the books I ordered (at the time it was all she had ever written) I merely skipped thru them after reading the first two, which I reviewed here. I like to read (and am a fast reader) and do 2-3 books per week often. Just check my MANY reviews on this and (I am german). that may give you an idea WHAT I read and how much. I only review a small percentage of what I read.”

So, he admits that he is a bit lazy what comes to reading, but in the same reply he tells us that he is a fast reader. He also tells us that he has the habit of skipping through books. So he is saying that he is a lazy reader, and when he reads he has the habit of skipping – no wonder he reads fast! Now, anyone who has read books by Laura Knight-Jadczyk knows that they are not like your every day newspaper that you can glance through in order to understand the meaning of the written word. After all, Laura’s books deal with the most complicated esoteric questions imaginable – one needs to contemplate and digest the material. Only then you can begin to understand what she’s saying.

So to reiterate: this guy is saying that he has skipped through most of the books he has by the author in question, and that he has never met or talked to her. He doesn’t mention being a psychologist and he tells us that he did LSD. Still he feels very confident in diagnosing her mental condition! Notice also the dates. Again, after a considerable amount of time – three years later, he returns with his reply. Why not just forget about an author who he finds so repulsive – why does our guy return every two or three years to write in his old reviews? Sounds like he has somekind of obsession with defaming Laura Knight-Jadczyk, doesn’t it?

Gunnar Kossatz on Facebook

Gunnar Kossatz on Facebook

But obviously these nagging thoughts just don’t leave Samvado alone!

On April 1st, 2010 Samvado started a thread on the Project Avalon forum titled: “Laura Knight-Jadczyk: whats wrong with her?” Now, wait a minute, how do we know it’s the same person? Well, beneath his forum nickname we can see that this Samvado is located in Hamburg, Germany and that he is 57 years of age. In Gunnar Kossatz’ profile on we can find that he lives in Hamburg. And what really proves the matter is this post by member Samvado on the Project Avalon forum:

Hi Niobe,

I have translated most of the relevant info about Ormus from E to G and published it on my website I have also co-authored a book about Ormus, the only one in German language.
I use it since 2004 and have made some functional tests, and plan to do more in the future (it is hard if not impossible to chemically grasp that substance).

I reference it somewhat in my DNA thread here as a means to help with the activation.

if you have any specific questions feel free to ask them here or over at the DNA thread and I will do my best to answer them.

all the best

If you go to the website you will find out that it belongs to Gunnar Kossatz – which was to be proved! Note also that he has written a book about the substance called Ormus.

So what did he actually write about in that thread? After all, he must have had something important to share with the forum members, starting a new thread and all. Perhaps some new information he had come up with that he was eager to share? Well, it appears that this was not the motive – not at all. The only thing he posted in his opening of this thread was…the old precious Amazon review of Laura’s The Secret History from 2006! The fact that he starts a thread called “Laura Knight-Jadczyk: whats wrong with her?” and just copy pastes his old book review (which contains nothing more than slander against the author) gives the impression that Gunnar Kossatz has a serious personal agenda against the author.

Let’s take a selection of some of the other posts by Samvado in that thread and see what we can find. Here’s post #14:

I understand fully, I was so interested initially that I bought 5 of her books right off her website. big mistake, one would have been plenty. I then spend a few days among her fans on her discussion board – that experience topped everything I have seen here with regards to crazy I-believe-it-all-if-you-say-so attitude from the guru’s mouth. Of course I was quickly banned 🙂
I consider that a badge of honor …

So, he spent a few days on Laura’s discussion board until he was banned. It’s quite revealing to look at the dates of his actions during that time:

  • 3rd August 2006: Starts his first thread on Cass forum called “Spirit releasement therapy”
  • 6th August 2006: Starts thread called  “Knowledge protects?”
  • 6th – 8th August: Makes several posts on the thread “Monoatomic Gold”
  • 8th August 2006: Gets banned
  • 9th August 2006: Writes review on Amazon/The Secret History
  • 10th August 2006: Writes review on Amazon/High Strangeness

What is of interest is that he makes the first Amazon review one day after he is banned from the Cassiopaean forum. Can you spell r-e-v-e-n-g-e? And if you read Samvado’s posts on the forum you can see the reason why he was banned. To put it short: it seems that he didn’t join the forum to learn, but to teach and impose his own views on others. Here are a couple of  quotes from his posts on the Cassiopaean forum:

Here’s the one that proves it’s the same person.

There is NO such effect if you dose as suggested (and even if you overdose by 50% as I did)
you could read my excerpts on my site where you able to read German. I have however NO affiliation with ANY producer or seller of the products. My site is entirely profit free and for publishing purposes only.

And in the same post he makes this remark:

But on their way down they have been able to start wars that killed 60 million people, kill presidents at will, but hey cant kill YOU?


Let’s jump back to the Project Avalon thread. What’s interesting is that in posts #94 to #96 forum member ‘yiolas’ and Samvado are having the following exhange:

Post #94:


I quess some guys are threatened by an intelligent, gifted and articulate woman.


I guess it should be against etiquette here say such a thing, because I can tell you that she is neither. she is a psychotic seriously mentally disturbed human being, in dire need for medical attention. And about the intelligent, gifted and articulate woman I am supposed to fear you may talk to my gf who is a chiropractor, medical doctor and all of what you just mentioned. we get along rather well,except sometimes when we discuss vacations.”

Post #96:


Sam, on what premise, facts or information do you base your above statement ?


all my experience with her, the books and the (few) weeks on her message board. but dont take my word fore it, ask other intelligent people like the guy I reference here, he was initially in favour, then dug a little deeper, and voilá, the same impressions as I have had. try it, its fun if you dont get too involved 🙂

First he repeats the usual innuendo of Laura’s mental condition. But what’s really interesting is that he says that he bases this ‘psychoanalysis’ on all his experience with her (Laura). But in his earlier comments on Amazon he said that he has never met nor spoken with her! We start to get the picture of a man whos words contain some serious contradictions.

After our little investigation let’s pick some more posts from that Avalon thread and see how trustworthy Samvado’s words appear now:

Post #28:


What would be her research? she doesnt do research, she does channeling her future self. thats her sole infomation source. and even her husband now thinks she’s crazy, based on what I read in a review elswhere, unfortunately cant recall where.

Post #29:

Answer to member ‘Snowbird’:


She’s very honest and forthright. She speaks her mind, which btw, is quite brilliant. She has also, in past years, done her homework before presenting herself publicly and professionally. I think what bothers people most about her is that as a woman, she will stand her ground and not allow anyone to discredit her knowledge and understanding. She is very bold.


you got to be kidding. I am not the least bothered by her “standing the ground”. My 5-year old nephew stands his ground when he wants an icecream. It has to be the judgment of a somewhat sane and adult mind if he gets one or not. Laura is a psychiatric case. the “professional integrity” you see in her, if reflected to you, should give you pause.


samvado gunnar kossatz

So what do you say – would you trust this guy?