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Alex Berta of the Jedburgh Corp Infiltrates Tennessee Anonymous Group

Alex Berta friends with Adrian Lamo

Birds of a feather really do flock together.  I wonder if they have an official “Snitchology” Channel?


Alex Berta and Adrian Lamo Friends

 Adrian Lamo and Alex Berta Friends

Alex Berta's Friends List

Adrian Lamo's Friends List


Alex Berta of the Jedburgh Corp. already outed last July

Apparently, I’ve not been the only one to find out about Alex Berta’s dubious connexions. Somebody raised the issue last month on Pastebin. Interesting how his concerns and the data he pointed out to were dismissed and ridiculed, and he labeled as crazy – classic Cointelpro tactic.

8:25 heyguise i just wanna
8:26 heyguise let you know
8:26 heyguise some one is back
8:28 ** mun5 joined #projectpm. **
8:40 f who
8:41 heyguise fused
8:41 heyguise watch out for him
8:41 f why
8:42 heyguise can i pm?
8:42 f i won’t cry rape if you do, honey.
8:45 f you really need to take your meds, man.
8:46 f in fact, if i didn’t know better, i’d say that YOU were a paid US government troll
8:46 f (hueheuhuehueheuh)
8:47 f good yarn, though
8:47 heyguise heyman
8:47 f basically what heyguise is saying is that he *miraculously,* *stupendously,* with the power of his supreme internet detective skills,
8:47 heyguise its what ya got
8:47 heyguise the infos there
8:48 heyguise no
8:48 f  uncovered the identity of a homeland security agent
8:48 heyguise with alot of work
8:48 f  trying to infiltrate anonops
8:48 heyguise look at the info
8:48 f boring
8:48 heyguise and tell me im full of -shite-
8:48 f you are wrong
8:49 heyguise in what way?
8:49 — f farts —
8:49 heyguise the massive dox i gathered?
8:49 f in fact, the answer is much simpler than that
8:49 heyguise and it is?
8:49 f you are just another one of these kids who really needs to take his meds and listen to his shrink
8:50 f and you’re attracted to anonops because of some insane delusions you have
8:50 heyguise your a massive ass
8:50 f because you’re completely incapable of grasping erm
8:50 f basically how the world works
8:50 f hueheuheuh
8:50 heyguise explain to me this then
8:50 heyguise  user shows up in #optennessee uner the nick criticalmass
8:51 heyguise tells my cohort his name
8:51 heyguise shows website
8:51 heyguise we get last name
8:51 heyguise from whois of site
8:51 heyguise look up name
8:51 f hm, that is a subtlety i might have overlooked at first
8:51 heyguise is seen with gov’t conractor, linkedin group homeland sec
8:51 heyguise thats at least very susicous
8:52 heyguise then
8:52 heyguise i out him
8:52 heyguise pubicly
8:52 heyguise on twitter
8:52 f in fact, i think this can be explained by heyguise needing to take his antipsychotics
8:52 heyguise and on anonops
8:52 heyguise he changes his nick
8:52 ** ChanBot kicked heyguise from #projectpm (Stop flooding!) **
8:52 f lol
8:52 ** heyguise joined #projectpm. **
8:52 heyguise he changes his nick to fused. Messages me i check the whois as i do for any one who doesnt message me
8:52 heyguise criticlmass@yattayattayatta
8:52 heyguise check his linkedin
8:52 heyguise the profile has been deleted
8:53 heyguise how is that not at least supicious
8:53 f heh
8:53 heyguise [ …] 8:53 f so, two explanations present themselves under the principle of parsimony
8:53 f 1. heyguise needs to up his dosage of antipsychotics
8:53 f 2. heyguise got epically trolled
8:53 f oh, and 3. both
8:54 heyguise  [ …] 8:54 heyguise i am not the only one supicious about this
8:55 heyguise Article submitted by Alex Berta, Jedburgh Information Warfare Director.
8:56 heyguise you sir are not paranoid enough
8:56 f sometimes i think that maybe anonops will mature into a real revolutionary movement given its unique ability to attract complete maniacs
8:56 heyguise if that doesnt set off an alarm some where
8:56 — f farts —
8:56 heyguise dude why do you completely shoot this off as bullshit
8:56 heyguise there is hard information
8:56 heyguise right there
8:56 heyguise that links this very dude
8:57 heyguise with not-so-nice organizations
8:57 f have you ever noticed
8:57 heyguise if thats not at least supicious you are crazy
8:57 f that if you try really hard
8:57 f you can kind of make your arms look like this: /\/\/\/\/\
8:58 heyguise look
8:58 heyguise dude
8:58 heyguise the linked in is deleted
8:58 heyguise after i outted him
8:58 heyguise he deleted
8:58 heyguise but still in google is this
8:58 heyguise View Alex Berta’s professional profile on LinkedIn. … Alex Berta. Threat Analyst/Security Professional … Homeland Security logo · Homeland Security …
8:58 heyguise hmmm?
8:58 ** Moody QUIT (Connection closed) **
8:58 f explanation number 4: heyguise is trying irrationally hard to convince me of this completely implausible point
8:59 f i.e. heyguise is trolling
8:59 f heyguise, pretend that you have a dozen other windows open in which you’re trumpeting this stuff to the world
8:59 heyguise you’ve given me no reason to doubt this point
9:00 f if you don’t, you’re trolling
9:00 heyguise expect for random bullshit and insults
9:00 f if you do, you’re completely insane
9:00 f thus, you are either trolling or insane
9:00 f QED
9:00 heyguise ^
9:00 heyguise but thats beside the point
9:00 ** Moody joined #projectpm. **
9:00 heyguise lets ask this dude for his opinion shall we?
9:00 f lol
9:00 f to each his own
9:01 f i’ve heard that people can live very productive lives on antipsychotics
9:01 heyguise Moody if some dude was asking you to meet up with him for drinks, from anonops. Then you look into his background and he has links to gov’t contracting companies, writes articles about cyber-crime, belongs to linked in homeland sec groups. Would you be some what suspicious?
9:01 f what if you were actually enjoying social pleasures right now
9:02 heyguise what?
9:02 f instead of trying to convince people of bullshit you’ve confabulated because you didn’t listen to your doctor’s instructions


Last June, the same “heyguise” posted this on Twitter about Alex/”criticalmass”:

Not a fed but “only” working for a contractor like Blackwater? Oh well, I suppose that’s alrighty then!


Alex Berta of the Jedburgh Corp Infiltrates Anonymous?

Jedburgh Corp Founders

Alex Berta-Director of Information Warfare

While trotting about the net one day, making screen shots of comments made by an abused woman’s cyberstalker ex-husband I was shocked to find that the forum, which launched the most recent attack on her and her friends, is owned by a man named “Alex Berta”, who works for  the Jedburgh Corp,  a US Government Contractor. The Jedburgh Corp specializes in teaching Cops and the Military how to hurt and kill people as efficiently as possible, and Alex Berta is in charge of their “Cyber Warfare” division.


Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. I was expecting this to be yet another attack on the Cassiopaea forum by the psycho ex-hubby of a member. Instead I found that Alex Berta is running an Anonymous Forum and organizing Anonymous Ops at the same time he’s working for the Jedburgh Corp and teaching cops and mega corporations how to bust protestors and Hacktivists.


Now I know I’m getting old, and the Internet has changed activism a lot,   but this is just NOT right!  Berta can’t pitch for one team while he’s coaching the opposing side.  I’m VERY concerned for the safety and welfare of the Anonyvists who’ve gotten involved with and the protests Berta has organized in Tennessee.


The proof I’ve found is pasted below, in chronological order (sorta) and I’m hoping it will get to the Anonymous Activists in Tennessee. While I’ve been too mouthy for too long to learn how to be “Anonymous” now, I REALLY admire the fact that they’ve created a totally PEACEFUL way to protest Corporate Rule. They’ve figured out a way to  “block gates,” cost our corporate oppressors major bucks, and get massive media attention,  without getting gassed, hosed, clubbed, etc. Point made, and no one gets hurt, now that’s what I call progress! I really wish someone would have thought of this 30 years ago…would have saved me decades of grief.


I’ve seen Activist groups infiltrated by paid government informants and agitators DOZENS of times over the past 30+ years… and if that’s not what I’m looking at here I’ll eat my keyboard, letter by letter.

PLEASE check my work yourself and decide if it shows that Alex Berta and his crony “Xaman”(Scott Watson??) used material they found on the stalker ex-husband’s site to attack the Cass forum, and a popular Anonymous Forum “”


Some of these links and screenshots clearly show Alex Berta/  actually creating  the kind of protests the Jedburgh Corp. teaches cops how to suppress.

How do you say “Narc” in Anonymese?




Alex Berta Meets with the FBI

Alex Berta meets with the FBI

September 2, 2003

Criticalmass ([info]criticalmass24) wrote,


Well I am at the hotel. its pretty damn cool i having alot of fun before i get ready to ship out tomorrow. I stayed in a steam room for like 10 minutes and then i would go jump into the pool. i dont know i been doing crazy stuff like that all night you know. I cant wait till tomorrow i get to go back to MEPS and then i get on a plane and they send me off to the great lakes for a few weeks. i know tomorrow i have to get asked questions by a fbi agent  i think that is what i have been told. well i am off i will talk to you guys later.


Jedburgh Corp FoundedScott Watson and John Morris create the Jedburgh Corp.

Jedburgh Corporation is a firearms training and security consulting company. Founded in 2008 by two retired Green Berets, our training philosophy is simple, do the little things right.


Alex Berta Jedburgh Corp. MySpaceAlex Berta, “IT Specialist at the Jedburgh Corp”

In 2008 Akex Berta states he is an “IT Specialist at the Jedburgh Corp” on Original URL:

One of his MySpace Friends appears to be Scott Watson, owner of the Jedburgh Corp

Jedburgh Corp Articles of IncorporationJedburgh Corp Incorporates

March 16, 2009 – Jedburgh Corp actually incorporates after calling themselves a “Corp” for over a year.  Jedburgh Corp is currently listed as “Non Compliant” due to the fact that they didn’t file their Annual Report in 2010


Alex Berta Jedburgh Corp Information  WarfareAlex Berta, “Technology/Identity Theft Specialist” for the Jedburgh Corp.

May 22, 2009

Information Warfare

Original URL:

  “Jedburgh Corporation’s information specialists have programs specifically designed to assist your organization’s information technology efforts or design turn-key solutions to protect your data and sensitive information.  We have over 15 years in the computer security field and understand what information attackers seek, and where the information is headed if it is stolen.  We are committed to ensuring that your intellectual property and personal information remain safeguarded.  Contact to discuss your training needs.

Article written by Alex Berta, Technology/Identity Theft Specialist”

Alex Berta Jedburgh Corp Cyber Attacks as a Form of WarfareAlex Berta, “Jedburgh Information Warfare Director”

February 19, 2010

Cyber Attacks as a Form of Warfare

Original URL:

“Participants indicated that a large challenge in reacting to a cyber attack is identifying who the attackers are and how to find them. This concern has dogged U.S. cybersecurity experts throughout the modern era.”

Article submitted by Alex Berta, Jedburgh Information Warfare Director


AlexBerta Operation Tennessee -AnonNetNews

Alex Berta infiltrates AnonNewsNet

July 14, 2011 – Alex Berta infiltrates AnonNewsNet and offers his “support” shortly before the group is deleted from Facebook

Alex Berta, Jedburgh Corp LinkedIn webcache

Alex Berta, “Threat Analyst for the Jedburgh Corp”

Alex Berta linkedin webcache1Alex Berta’s Linkedin Profile blurbs list him as “A professional hacker”  and a “Threat Analyst” for the Jedburgh Corp

The The Original LinkedIn URL’s  have been removed:


* whoisAlex Berta creates Anonymous Forum, “”

On July 29, 2011 Alex Berta registered and immediately began promoting it as a Forum for  organizing “Anonymous Ops” …especially those targeting the State of Tennessee.

 Domain name:


Registrant Contact:

Alex Berta ()

Fax: 2720 Lark Dr

Clarksville, TN 37040 US - robtex is hosted on the same server as Alex Berta’s business,

“” - robtex



* Operation OnslaughtAlex Berta Infiltrates “Operation Onslaught” in Tennessee

July 31, 2011 –  Jedburgh Corp’s Alex Berta uses to  Infiltrate  “Operation Onslaught” in Tennessee. Collects flyers and names, emails, etc.  of participants



WorldRevolt Sponsors Organizes Anonymous Op “Memphis AfterShock”

August 4, 2011 – Organizes Anonymous Op “Memphis AfterShock” Offers hotel room for Protestors to stay in.

* attacks Cass and WiTP pg1 Creates Phoney “DOX” Attacking Cass Forum and “What is the Plan?”

August 15, 2011 –  creates a “DOX”  attacking, the Cassiopaea Forum, and the Anonymous Forum “Whatis-the”

Berta and Co. falsely claim that the two orgs are connected because one of the Mods on WiTP  “Jake Sully”  just happens to post on the Cass Forum.  It doesn’t seem to matter to them that “Jake Sully is an just ordinary user on a free, open forum that anyone can join.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4


Scott Watson Jedburgh Corp August 2011 – Scott Watson, Founder of Jedburgh Corp

Very busy invading foreign countries that have oil, and killing any Indigenous residents who object.



Jedburgh- Killing Not Personal

Current and Ongoing- A screenshot says a thousand words

Alex Berta Organizing Anonymous Ops in TN

Alex Berta Organizing Anonymous Ops in TN

Jedburgh Corp and Alex Facebook Friends

Jedburgh Corp and Alex Facebook Friends

Jedburgh Corp Following Alex Berta on Scribd

Jedburgh Corp Following Alex Berta on Scribd

















 Registered to Alex Berta Registered to Alex Berta



Jedburgh Corp Governement Contrat Numbers

Jedburgh Corp Governement Contrat Numbers














Alex Berta "writing a book" about Anonymous

Alex Berta "writing a book" about Anonymous










Worldrevolt -Operation Onslaught Vid

Worldrevolt -Operation Onslaught Vid

















Alex Facebook Fishing

Alex on Facebook Fishing







Alex Berta working for the Jedburgh Corp

Alex Berta working for the Jedburgh Corp





































Jedburgh Corp employee Alex Berta attempting to destroy a popular Anonymous Forum "What is the Plan?"

Jedburgh Corp employee Alex Berta attempting to destroy a popular Anonymous Forum "What is the Plan?"

Jedburgh Corp specializes in protecting Big Business from Hactivists.

Jedburgh Corp specializes in protecting Big Business from Hactivists.