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Know Your Rights: Zaca Lake Refunds

The Organizers of the Zaca Lake Conference have issued the following statement on August 14, 2001: Continue reading


Vincent Bridges AKA “Dr. Strange”: Psychotherapist? Or Hacker and Thief?

Vincent Bridges sez:

“[…] Dr. Margaret McCoy…turned me on to hypnosis, an old fascination, and I soon went from Ericsonian …”

“Dr. Joan Essic … because of our work together on hypnosis introduced me to Ericsonnian…”

“I studied with Milton Ericson years ago…”

So now, we turn to Mr. Bridges’ claims of being a therapist. Continue reading


Vincent Bridges AKA “Dr. Strange”: New Age Grifter or COINTELPRO?

UPDATE 2008: After SIX YEARS of constant defamation and cyberstalking on the part of Vincent Bridges and his associates, the enormous amounts of time and even money that are spent on this activity, we suggest that it is time to state the obvious: Vincent Bridges is not just a cyberstalker, he is a paid COINTELPRO agent.

UPDATE 2003:– At the present point in time, Spring 2003, when the Quantum Future Group Websites are getting a “face lift,” there has been some discussion as to whether or not to retain this report and its related documents onsite. It has been, to understate the matter, somewhat controversial. It has also made us a target for ongoing attacks from the individuals discussed herein. It could so easily be deleted. Things certainly might be very pleasant if we did so as we have been told by the subject of the report.

But, the “easy way” is not always the right way. Continue reading


Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner: Majickal Mystery Tour Scam

The subject of COINTELPRO comes up quite a bit on our websites and has done so since we became fully aware of its activity in the various New Age and “alternative news/views” movements back in late 2001. Up to that point in time, we were thinking that it was probably likely that, now and again, a group might be infiltrated by an agent for a specific purpose. What we were NOT aware of was the vast, overarching program that seems to be in place for the primary purpose of controlling absolutely everything via the control of the minds of the masses! Continue reading