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The COINTELPRO Files: Vincent Bridges and Co.

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This is the stack of files I have accumulated over the past 5 years relating to Vincent Bridges, many of his associates, and others involved in defaming us. Also pictured here are CDs which contain certified copies of websites, historical documents, etc. All of this material, except for the recent French Court Case (more about that in a minute), has been copied and shipped off to the FBI, the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement), and the Florida Attorney General and the North Carolina Attorney General. We don’t expect any action from the US authorities because we are certain that Bridges is either paid to do what he does by them, or is assisted in some way by an “agent/handler” who is directly connected to said authorities.

This defamation suit was filed against an individual in France (not French, though) who was/is closely connected to Vincent Bridges. It was for email defamation. You see, in Franch, not only can you not defame anyone in public, you cannot even do it privately. Of course, that leads to the problem with winning a defamation suit in France: the very laws that make it possible to prosecute such an action with a minimum of money also make it impossible to publish the results. We can say nothing about matters that include the participation of an EU citizen, though we can publish matters pertaining to US citizens. Nevertheless, here is the last page of the court’s findings, with names effaced and certain circumstances that might be identifiable obscured. Continue reading


Laura’s Work References

Laura worked for some years as a social worker for the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services.   In 1993, after 10 years as a stay-at-home mom, she found it necessary to return to working and asked her former supervisor and co-worker for references.  Indeed, these individuals were also friends and stayed in touch even after Laura had left her position at HRS, but isn’t that the point?  That these are individuals who knew her very well both professionally and privately.


Note that these references were written for Laura before she divorced and remarried.

Reference for Laura Knight-Jadczyk by Sandra De Paoli, HRS

Reference for Laura Knight-Jadczyk by Sandra De Paoli, HRS


Reference for Laura Knight-Jadczyk by John Dear, HRS, ret.

Reference for Laura Knight-Jadczyk by John Dear, HRS, ret.


Was Laura Ever Convicted of Murder or Attempted Murder?


In a word, NO.  Laura was attacked by a man when she was a teenager, defended herself, was accused by the man of attacking him, tried and found not-guilty.  Vincent Bridges has widely claimed that there is “more to this story” than meets the eye and that he “knows this” because he read the trial transcript.  He then casually mentions that anyone can get a copy for a nominal sum.


The fact is that the trial has never been transcribed and it would cost literally thousands of dollars to get it transcribed so it is a certainty that Bridges never read it.  Go ahead, find out for yourself…

Meanwhile, you’ll see what a waste of time and money it would be by reading the following letter written by Laura’s defense attorney who kindly wrote this statement at the time that Bridges first made these accusations back in 2002.


Statement of Brian T. Hayes

Attestation by Former Public Defender, Brian T. Hayes, P.A.



Are the Pasco County Authorities after Laura for Fraud (or anything else?)


In a word, NO.  And here is the evidence.  Sorry Vincent Bridges, Jay Weidner,  Chris Horlacher and A.B. AKA “Jean”.  It’s really ridiculous for an innocent person to have to obtain a document like this but the above named pathological individuals (psychopaths or something else?) have made it necessary.


Pasco County Criminal Record Search: Laura Knight-Jadczyk

A criminal records search of the past 13 years reveals: NO RECORD.


Laura’s Hypnosis Certification

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Hypnosis Certification

St. Johns University Brochure