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Testimonial of Palinurus, Cassiopaean Forum Member

Who wouldn’t gallop to the rescue of a Dame in distress??!

So when Laura asked for more testimonials to be placed on the countercult website, I mounted my hobbyhorse and started typing. Not being a Don Quickshot, it took me quite a while to complete this diatribe, but nevertheless I reached destination after painstaking detours and disappointing drafts. Continue reading


Testimonial of Adam B., B.A., History, Knowledge Worker and Cassiopaean Forum Member

By 2003, I had been consciously, spiritually seeking deeper, truer knowledge about our reality for twenty years.  I began this effort during college and worked haphazardly at it into early middle age while building my career as a high-technology knowledge worker.  I made progress slowly as I bounced from source to source that I discovered to be disappointingly shallow, narrow, fleeting, or otherwise sharply bounded — not to mention those that were disinformational or outright fraudulent.  It was at that time, still wrestling with many apparent contradictions in my world-view, that I discovered Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s amazing research and writing, the Cassiopaea material, and the network of like-minded people working with it.  I had seen smaller bodies of work that bore a faint resemblance, but, really nothing like this. Continue reading


Testimonial of KJN, Cassiopaean Forum Member

For me it’s about the connecting…thoughts, ideas, possibilities, information, people and souls for the greater knowledge and the ongoing quest for truths.  And, it started with Laura Knight Jadczyk, a tour de force when it comes to connections and context!  She has amazing talents and capabilities, and freely shares her discoveries and wisdom with those who seek to learn and understand.  I came across the Cassiopaean Experiment a few years ago and I have been intrigued, perplexed, astonished, and literally blown away at times by both the content and call to discover, inherent in each session’s “conversation.”  There is no value to any concept or statement unless it can be objectively proven to stand on its own merit with precision and clarity.  Sometimes it is an arduous task but it speaks volumes towards the quality of our lives and how we choose to live them.  The Cassiopaean Experiment is both a springboard and a jump start for all of us who have come to understand its most important and fundamental functions––a wake-up call to higher awareness, the search for truth and choosing to be of service to others. Continue reading


Testimonial of Vincent Cleaver

I have known and worked with Laura and her group of researchers for several years. There were some powerful things that struck me right off the bat, and many others that took some time to fully appreciate. Continue reading


Testimonial of Erica Burt, Bachelor of Science in Education

I first began reading Laura’s work The Wave as it was being published on the Internet in 2000. My husband had just gotten a computer and was printing up the information by the pages he would leave it on the office desk each day after reading the newest segment. Out of curiosity I began to read the Wave material.

At first the information seemed too much to comprehend and my reading time was limited to late night evenings. As I slowly made my way through the material a spark was ignited within, all of a sudden I felt an overwhelming desire to read the material even if I could not fully comprehend the information therein. Continue reading


Testimonial of Robert Bakos, Cassiopaean Forum Member

In 2002, after years of looking for the answer to ‘What are we living for?’, I typed the name ‘Velikovsky’ into the text-field and a website came up. Some words grabbed my attention. There was an intro and that sentence ‘Open your I and seek’.. felt as if warm water was poured over my head: a strong sensation hit me, that I found spiritual truths I was starving for! Soon it became clear, this was treasure. An abundance of knowledge – collected by Laura and Ark and great Thinkers of times past – that could be utilized to help myself. There were others interested, in great numbers, it turned out, people from all around the world. That, in itself was astonishing! We began to help each other and then built the Cassiopaea glossary. Continue reading


Testimonial of Luis Felipe Ovando, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I found the Cassiopaea experiment in 2007 while searching for information online about paranormal phenomena, possessions and parasitic entities, subjects that I was very interested in.

A search led me to the Cassiopaean project’s site in Spanish. It was a session with the C’s which addressed the theme of the dimensional faller. Continue reading


Testimonial of Aleana, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I have been searching most of my life for answers to my most pressing questions regarding spiritual life as well as some understanding of existence in the mundane world.  So many questions I had as a child were unanswered by traditional religion, or at least no answers that I could accept, most particularly those regarding the abundance of suffering on this planet given the earth is supposedly ruled by a benevolent deity.

I began searching for answers, and as I was growing to maturity in the 60’s I naturally came under the influence of New Age teachings. After many years of reading/studying and trying out all of the “you create your own reality” variations in the New Age movement, I finally found the Cassiopaea site.  I began reading The Wave and devoured the entire online version, then continued reading on the Cassiopaea site and forum.  It is here I feel I have finally found a spiritual home. Continue reading


Testimonial of Matthew C., Cass/ SOTT Reader

The Fulcanelli article of Laura’s is a masterpiece that I could not stop reading!  It somehow resonates with something inside.  It is definitely one to keep.  It has been amazing being a reader of this site for the past 9 or 10 years to see how information and titbits discovered and alluded to suddenly seem to take on a completely new perspective when another piece of the puzzle falls into place, bringing with it a completely new understandings of what was previously something hazy on the horizon.  I am re-reading the Wave series for about the 4th time, and each time some new aspect seems to jump out at me.  I suppose as one’s knowledge grows, so the perspectives, perception and discernment change which allows the same paragraph to take on whole new meanings at different levels.

Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight for all of us.  My interaction with Cassiopeae has changed my life, and this article has again changed my perspectives.  Everything seems to be indeed “hidden in plain sight” and your continued hammering on the anvil is deeply appreciated.

Matthew C.


Testimonial of David T, Cass/SOTT Reader

It is most important to me that I thank you for all the wonderful research and the tremendous body of work that you have so graciously shared with those of us willing to confront these dark truths.

I have also been on a rather lonely road of trying to sort out the vast panorama of “truth” candies coming in all flavors and from every direction. After having dabbled in the “New Age” movement only to be frustrated at the constant lethargy engendered by such “sweetness and light” as well as the continuous fatalism of waiting to be saved endemic to my own Christian roots I have found your approach like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale sea of mental laziness nurtured by a deeply enforced emotional threat aimed at well discerning boat rockers.

It is so good to know that there are others of such discrimination and of such willingness to share such information. My own life has been a grand adventure in the quest of higher truths. I most definitely concur that the path is arduous at best, yet most rewarding in the long run. I have no regrets though plenty of mistakes without which I surely could not have known of a better way.