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Testimonial from Mocachapeau – Cassiopaean Forum Member

I first discovered Laura Knight-Jaczyk’s work in 2007.  I had spent over a year doing some truth seeking of my own and had become familiar with a number of topics she discusses in her books.  After reading her book High Strangeness I was very impressed with how meticulous she was in her research, and also with her insightful interpretations of the evidence she presented.  Never did she try to exclude evidence to try and fit an hypothesis, she would always try to come up with an hypothesis that would include all the evidence.  Furthermore, she never tried to claim anything as fact that could not be proven.  The honesty and objectivity inherent in her work was quite refreshing.  It was for these reasons that I decided to check out her websites, and eventually join the SOTT forum, in 2008.  I have been a member ever since.

To say that my time spent participating on the forum has helped me, would be a gross understatement.  I have been encouraged to read well-recognized books about psychology, history, health/diet and the esoteric, among other things, by many different authors.  All of the suggested reading has been chosen with the specific goal of helping people to better understand themselves, the people in their lives and the world we live in.

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Testimonial of Nathan – Cassiopaean Forum Member

My name is Nathan and I’m a writer from Australia. In 2001, I came across the Cassiopaea website while in search of information on my father’s psychological condition; information that was noticeably sparse in Western psychiatry literature: psychopathy. At the time, Laura Knight-Jadczyk had experienced several close encounters with such dangerous individuals and had skillfully dug up and pieced together what little data existed of their condition.

For many years I looked on with interest at Laura’s impressive bibliography of work and not to mention the insightful articles on the Cassiopaea and Signs of the Times websites, but it wasn’t until later that I returned to the Wave and the Adventure series with renewed interest (they were and are still available for free). Like many others I soon became a daily reader of the Signs of the Times website (appropriately sub-titled “The world for people who think”) because I wanted to keep up with what was really taking place on this crazy planet of ours. Continue reading


More pathological rants from “Jean”

After my publication of Jean’s confession (which quite graphically shows his appalling inner landscape), I still have to face his desperate attempts to intimidate me and my friends (Laura, her family) and to destroy my confidence and freedom of choice, choice which was to start a new life away from him. It is indeed an intense learning experience, one which I hope will help readers to deepen their knowledge about the inherently pathological nature of some people, and how it can affect each and every one of us.

I’ve copied below his last email, which I’ll be addressing step by step. As usual, I’m sharing this data anonymously, removing any personal reference, etc., because my point is not to make his life more difficult, but to give readers an opportunity to decipher ‘psychopathological’ language and mode of functioning. These data, taken from real life, offer a great learning opportunity. It’s also a good exercise for me, as having to look at his sick rants with the critical distance needed for objective assessment – to look at it clinically and publish my comments for others to read – somewhat relieves the anxiousness and apprehension of having to read his threats and attempts at intimidation on my own, without anyone to bear witness to his twisted thinking. Continue reading


Dangerous Liaisons: French Woman’s Abusive Ex-Partner Screams “Cult!”

Despite the fact that psychopaths devastate everyone in their path including the women and children who love them, why have clinicians not seen fit to study and write about the single most obvious source of insight into this issue: the survivors of intimate relationships with psychopaths? The study of any disease involves carefully collecting and examining its symptoms, and psychopathy is definitely a societal disease. Even our legal system gathers information about criminals by taking testimony from on-site, first hand witnesses. So again, I ask: why is there no clinical material about – much less interest in – the psychopath’s partner?

I think that one answer is: therapists don’t recognize her as a victim of psychopathy because they usually don’t recognize him as a psychopath! On the rare occasion when a psychopath’s victim is identified, she is lumped together with more typical domestic violence survivors; or labeled as codependent, a relationship/sex addict, and/or assumed to be suffering dependent personality-disorder. These inaccurate and often biased explanations of pathological love relationships have neither helped victims find specific treatment for their unique relationship dynamics and aftermath symptoms, nor have they contributed (as they could) to our knowledge of psychopathy itself. It’s a travesty within the clinical profession that the victims are not more readily identified or better understood and that this rich source of vital information has not been mined. Continue reading


Testimonial of Gonzo – Cassiopaean Forum Member

I am a father, a husband, a federal civil servant and a member of the Cassiopaea forum since October, 2008, although I had been reading the forum and several of Laura Knight Jadczyk’s books for a few years before I officially joined the forum.

I was attracted to the Laura’s work because she was the first person I’ve come across who tried to apply some form of scientific rigor in her attempts to study the unknown side of reality.  I have found her approach to be sincere and honest.  If her critics have actually read her work, I am surprised that they could still hold contempt for her.  I would have assumed they would have noticed the same thing most of us have noticed: that sharing her work to those interested in reading it, is borne from a selfless and honest desire to share her discoveries in the hopes of helping mankind through difficult times.  She is the farthest thing from a self promoter or a guru and yet, like anyone wanting to share their work to a broader audience, has to deal with the uncomfortable reality that one’s work needs to be promoted. And so, if I have ever seen any promoting, it has been the work and not the person, although the two are inseparably linked. Continue reading


Testimonial: the Reverend Grant Sutherland

I’m writing this testimonial under a pseudonym, and with a couple of place-names changed to protect my real identity. There are various reasons for this. For one, there is nothing to be gained from revealing my real name when there are so many defamers around who would wish to harass anyone in public life who was prepared to stand up for Laura Knight-Jadczyk and her work. If it’s needed, I can always testify under my real name in a document prepared and attested by the proper legal authorities. But for the moment I want to preserve a measure of anonymity. That in itself, however, doesn’t detract from what I have to say. It’s just a responsible recognition of the sort of world we live in. Continue reading


Betsy’s Truthtimonial

My name’s Betsy Ashby and I’ve been an active Guardian in the Pagan Community for 30+ years. I’m the Director of Out of the Dark and we’ve worked over 100 different events, marches and gatherings…so many I’ve lost count. We’ve maintained a list of predators, psychopaths and assorted problematic Pagans since the mid 80’s when one of my Teachers entrusted me with a copy of her list of “dangerous people” in the Pagan Community going back to the 50’s. Of course most of them aren’t still on the list, ’cause they’re dead and there’s no point in keeping an eye out for the ones that are already worm food… but I still have that first little file box full of index cards we used long before computers were generally available. Continue reading


Testimonial of Maryjk_99, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I am actually a latecomer to the Cassiopaea group, having only joined about a year ago.  I was simply seeking answers, an understanding and  truth about why our world is in the state that it is in.  I was looking for the origin of evil, the roots from which it sprang.  Thinking that biblical references were somehow encoded in the text, I came across one of Laura’s articles referencing the Garden of Eden.  I saw how truths were interspersed with lies throughout these texts and I am very grateful for the critical and objective histories she has been able to uncover. Continue reading


Testimonial of Paul Darmawan MBA, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I am and Indonesian, male, 51 years old, divorced and remarried happily, educated with a Master’s Degree in Bus. Adm. from the University of San Fransicso, USA. I have been following Laura and the Cassiopaea Org site for many years and became a member of the Forum for four years.  I cherished the opportunity given to me by the Cosmic Mind to get to know Laura and her works, in revealing and helping my never ending search for the Truth for my and humanity’s purpose of being in this world. Continue reading


Testimonial of Nicklebleu, Medical Doctor, Cassiopaean Forum Member

Laura Knight-Jadczyk, her husband Arkadiusz and the team assembled around the Cassiopaean experiment have recently been criticized on the Internet and been called a “cult”.

For starters, this is an old trick, as far as I know first used by Karl Marx to discredit his political adversaries: “Sektierer” (best translated as “member of a sect”, but with a very negative connotation) he slammed everyone who criticized his theories and psychopathic ramblings. Continue reading