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Laura’s Work References

Laura worked for some years as a social worker for the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services.   In 1993, after 10 years as a stay-at-home mom, she found it necessary to return to working and asked her former supervisor and co-worker for references.  Indeed, these individuals were also friends and stayed in touch even after Laura had left her position at HRS, but isn’t that the point?  That these are individuals who knew her very well both professionally and privately.


Note that these references were written for Laura before she divorced and remarried.

Reference for Laura Knight-Jadczyk by Sandra De Paoli, HRS

Reference for Laura Knight-Jadczyk by Sandra De Paoli, HRS


Reference for Laura Knight-Jadczyk by John Dear, HRS, ret.

Reference for Laura Knight-Jadczyk by John Dear, HRS, ret.


Was Laura Ever Convicted of Murder or Attempted Murder?


In a word, NO.  Laura was attacked by a man when she was a teenager, defended herself, was accused by the man of attacking him, tried and found not-guilty.  Vincent Bridges has widely claimed that there is “more to this story” than meets the eye and that he “knows this” because he read the trial transcript.  He then casually mentions that anyone can get a copy for a nominal sum.


The fact is that the trial has never been transcribed and it would cost literally thousands of dollars to get it transcribed so it is a certainty that Bridges never read it.  Go ahead, find out for yourself…

Meanwhile, you’ll see what a waste of time and money it would be by reading the following letter written by Laura’s defense attorney who kindly wrote this statement at the time that Bridges first made these accusations back in 2002.


Statement of Brian T. Hayes

Attestation by Former Public Defender, Brian T. Hayes, P.A.



Are the Pasco County Authorities after Laura for Fraud (or anything else?)


In a word, NO.  And here is the evidence.  Sorry Vincent Bridges, Jay Weidner,  Chris Horlacher and A.B. AKA “Jean”.  It’s really ridiculous for an innocent person to have to obtain a document like this but the above named pathological individuals (psychopaths or something else?) have made it necessary.


Pasco County Criminal Record Search: Laura Knight-Jadczyk

A criminal records search of the past 13 years reveals: NO RECORD.


Testimonial: the Reverend Grant Sutherland

I’m writing this testimonial under a pseudonym, and with a couple of place-names changed to protect my real identity. There are various reasons for this. For one, there is nothing to be gained from revealing my real name when there are so many defamers around who would wish to harass anyone in public life who was prepared to stand up for Laura Knight-Jadczyk and her work. If it’s needed, I can always testify under my real name in a document prepared and attested by the proper legal authorities. But for the moment I want to preserve a measure of anonymity. That in itself, however, doesn’t detract from what I have to say. It’s just a responsible recognition of the sort of world we live in. Continue reading


Swerdlow Controlled via Satellite? or “reductio ad absurdum”

Note: Many people have written to ask us about the claims of Stewart Swerdlow, a fellow who claims to have participated in clandestine government projects located at the Montauk Air force/Naval facility. Among these claims are: “Any channeled information is crap. It is 100% disinformation” and “All channeling is disinformation.” While we do agree that there is a “Stargate Conspiracy” and that much, if not most, channeled material is either part of a human engineered program or the influences of negative forces, we believe that we have taken such forces into account in our own experimental work in accessing expanded states of consciousness. Continue reading


Transcribing and Defaming On Godlikeproductions

Additional comments to “Reductio ad absurdum” by Laura added July 2005

It has recently been brought to my attention that there is an “ex-Cass Group” member who is posting rather libelous remarks about us on Internet Discussion boards. A reader sent these comments to me, and there is really only one remark that has any significant bearing on our work, and which I would like to address, the rest is just simply opinion (libelously written, at that) which seems to have developed from the singular problem of perception. Here is what was said:

From: OPie: I was also one of those who transcribed the original sessions. And, yes, when they were published on the website they had been changed. One was changed considerably. She had been charged with this by others before, and until I saw it happen first-hand, I didn’t believe it was true. I figured she changed punctuation or corrected things, but that’s not what happened with the sessions I transcribed. […]

Now the problem with this is that if she changed the two that I transcribed, how many more of the sessions were tampered with? If you find one piece of work that’s bogus, how can you trust the rest? […]

Allow me to give some background context in which to address this accusation. Continue reading


Testimonial of “Balberon”, Cassiopaea Forum member

Hello, I post as Balberon on the Cassiopaea forum . My experience with the Cassiopaean Experiment began not long after seeing the video, “Pentagon Strike.” It bounced around for a couple weeks on various servers, but had truth to it that I could not question, so I had to 1. Have it and 2. Get an idea of the people who had put the video together. Once the video settled on the signs-of-the-times page I started reading the news and getting an idea of what’s really going on in the world. I didn’t know how painful it would be or how angry I would be at my own ignorance. After watching the video in agony, I pressed repeat until the truth sunk in. It was four days of “Sacred Cow”  slaughter. You see, I had the “this is America – light of the world” syndrome for the prior 34-35 years of my life, yet, I’d always considered myself on a quest for Truth, so my personal pain was irrelevant. Continue reading


Svjedočanstvo Betsy Ashby, člana Kasiopejskog foruma

Zovem se Betsy Ashby i aktivna sam kao Guardian u paganskoj subkulturi sada već 30 godina. Direktor sam organizacije “Na Svjetlo” s kojom sam organizirala preko stotinu raznih događaja, parada i masovnih skupova… toliko da im više ni ne znam broj. Ova organizacija čuva i održava  listu predatora, psihopata i slicnih problematičnih alternativaca otkad mi je moja Učiteljica povjerila njenu listu “opasnih ljudi” u paganskoj zajednici sredinom osamdesetih. Ta lista seže unazad sve do 50-tih i naravno mnogi od tih predatora nisu više na njoj jer su u međuvremenu postali hrana za crve, ali još uvijek čuvam kutiju punu indeks kartica i dosjea koje smo koristili prije nego što su se pojavili kompjutori.

Prije nešto više od godinu dana nabasala sam na Kasiopejski forum dok sam tražila informacije o seksualnom predatoru Ericu Pepinu. Google pretraživanje je tada izbacilo tužbu u kojoj Pepin tuži Lauru Knight-Jadczyk ,, i Kasiopejsku grupu za klevetu i IZGUBIO, što me je jako razgalilo pa sam nastavila kopati informacije. Nikad prije nisam čula za Lauru Knight-Jadczyk, Arkadiusza Jadczyka ili za Kasiopejce, ali činjenica da su se suprotstavili Pepinu i nekolicini drugih predatora koji su mi bili poznati, svakako me je ushitila tako da sam se priključila njihovom internet forumu i predstavila se. Continue reading


Testimonial of A.L.A., Cassiopaea Forum Member

I came upon the Cassiopaea forum in 2006, after a friend of mine mentioned to me the French Cassiopaean website. She used the C-word (Channeling) and I was very skeptical, since, having reviewed some channeled information in the past, my mind was pretty much made up regarding channeling: most of it was a New Age scam. Love and Light concepts were just a way to make people go back to sleep thinking everything would  be alright and things would sort themselves out miraculously, so relax, you don’t need to do anything! I remember reading in one such New Age crap book some advice given by a so-called “wisdom master”: “don’t spend more than 15 min. reading the news”! In short, close your eyes to what’s going on in the world and around you.


Anyway, I went to the Cass site out of curiosity, but expecting nothing in particular. Needless to say that what I found there was the exact opposite of what I had expected. No New Age nonsense, no “closing your eyes to reality” there, but a lot of intriguing and fascinating information presented nonetheless with a distance encouraging critical thinking and discussion. The people behind this website actually encouraged you to think and analyse things, and never take what anyone else said for granted: test yourself, experiment, read, exchange. Continue reading


Testimonial of “SolarMother”, Cassiopaea Forum Member

I consider myself a very fortunate person to have discovered Laura’s work a year ago.
I was doing the same thing as many do–searching for some intelligent information about what is going down on our planet. Over the years I’ve looked for truth– I tried David Icke’ site, Mayan 2012 websites, Michael Tsarion and many similar sites.
A friend I met online, started to send me various sites she was finding and we would investigate the sites and decide if we were getting anything approaching truth worth our time and energy to read. We were not finding much. One day, a year ago, she sent me “The Wave Series” introductory page. When I started to read The Wave series I knew something was very different about this site–it was simply a woman’s story. Because that is what it is, a housewife’s (with five children) story of her journey in discovery of  what exactly is this planet earth about, and ‘who’ exactly is running things here. Continue reading