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Testimonio de Joe Quinn, BA, MBS

Antes de iniciar este testimonio decidí buscar la definición precisa de la palabra. Aquí está: Testimonio: “una declaración escrita certificando el carácter, conducta o calificaciones de una persona”. Pero pensé: “¿Alguien va a creer una declaración hecha por mi ‘certificando el carácer, conducta o calificaciones’ de un grupo de gente cuando una de esas gentes soy yo mismo?” Así que lo pensé por un rato y eventualmente llegué a la conclusión de que de todas maneras lo que la mayoría de la gente acepta como ‘verdad’ en este mundo, en cualquier tema, raramente se basa en hechos fríos y duros, así que no necesitaba estresarme acerca de tratar de proporcionar una ‘prueba irrefutable’. Para algunos, tal prueba es innecesaria porque pueden llegar a la verdad por sí mismos; para otros, ninguna cantidad de pruebas será jamás suficiente para convencerlos de algo que contradice sus amados prejuicios. Continue reading


Testimonio de David S. Burt agricultor y propietario de pequeña empresa.

Encontré el trabajo de la señora Knight-Jadczyk a finales de los 90 mientras indagaba en la naturaleza de la realidad del planeta, en el momento en que me preocupaba lo que estaba sucediendo alrededor del mundo y buscaba respuestas a los problemas que  sufre la raza humana. He leído todos los libros de la señora Knight-Jadczyk junto con la lectura diaria de SOTT y el foro  Cass y puedo decir que es como un soplo de aire fresco y limpio. He hecho mucha investigación en los últimos años y he encontrado tanta información por ahí envuelta en mentiras o simplemente mentiras directas que pueden hacer tambalear la mente. Continue reading


Vulcan59, Cass Forum Member

Regarding people like Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner and other defamers of Laura and Ark: What is it with these types of persona? They come into your house and start making comments about your furniture, your pictures, the food that you eat, your children, et cetera and when you tell them to stop it, they get all upset! So you throw them out of the house and almost immediately… you get labeled! Weirdo, creep, loony, cult… And that’s exactly what happened to Laura and Cassiopaea. These types just won’t leave you alone.

I am an airline pilot and I also train pilots for an international airline. I was a military pilot before switching over to commercial flying. I’ve been in the aviation industry for almost 33 years since the age of 19. Continue reading


Jörg Klinger, student, Germany

Last year in September 2010 I visited Laura and the residents of the chateau for the first time.

Well, I was pretty nervous to meet her in person, not because of the dubious accusations that were made, be it from Jay Weidner or Vincent Bridges, NO WAY! It was simply because I knew what Laura has done and is still doing, be it what she has written in many books and articles, making the Éiriú-Eolas program accessible for anyone and being active herself on the forum and it caused some nervousness to think that I might not be accepted. Continue reading


Statement of Harrison Koehli

I had the opportunity to meet Laura and her family for the first time in late 2006. By that time I’d been following her work for about 3 years, reading her website and books for hours on end.

I had never been satisfied with the answers to the “big questions” provided by religious leaders, teachers, and the other so-called authorities in my life until that time. I did not like what I saw in the world around me: malicious cruelty, senseless violence, close-minded bigotry and the suffering that results from ignorance. But at the same time, I felt there was more to life than met the eye – a sense of mystery that was never addressed or adequately explained. Perhaps it was the occurrence of one small act of sincere care, or a mystery approached with wonder and awe, always an anomaly amongst the ‘statistical norm’ of everyday life-events. Continue reading


Statement of Katarzyna C., Cass Forum Member

My name is Katarzyna and I am a forum member of Cassiopaea. I found out about the work of Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Arkadiusz Jadczyk three years ago and I was immensely fascinated by it. I read all I could find on the Polish version of the site (back then my English was pretty much non-existent) and starved for more. It was the first time in my twenty something life that the world I live in actually started making sense to me. The vast amount of research Laura did, and not only about spiritual matters, but also about psychology, and psychopathology (which are my personal subjects of interest), history, politics and health has completely transformed my life!

It also made me perfect my English because I felt this was the only way I could access the most important material and that way maybe begin to actually contribute, if only in small ways. Which is why I’m writing this testimonial. It is to thank Laura for her hard work, her enormous courage to speak the truth and her big heart. Although I’ve not met her personally, I feel like I’ve known her my entire life. Maybe this is because before I stumbled across her work I was not really living at all. I merely existed. Continue reading